Art, Culture and sports

Culture and sports

Tilburg University offers a wide range of options in the fields of culture and sports.

This is entirely in keeping with its conviction that a university is more than just a place where people go to develop their academic knowledge and skills. Its goal is to galvanize the development of talent right across the board, and to encourage people to examine society from a range of different viewpoints.

  • In line with this approach, the Sports Center offers more than 45 different sports, while the university actively supports traditional student sports like hockey and rowing. The university's special scheme for top athletes enables athletically gifted students to combine a course of study with top-level sporting activities.

  • The university uses Academic Forum to stage lectures, debates, cultural courses, concerts and drama productions for students, staff and other interested parties. At the Academic Forum , everyone is welcome to contribute ideas and discuss the role of values and religion in present-day society. Here, they can also explore the ways in which teaching and research are influenced by people's philosophical outlooks.

    Reflecting the great value that it places on its relationship with the city of Tilburg, the university regularly organizes activities in the city center.

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