Understanding Society

Tilburg University is convinced that it can contribute to solving social issues by developing and transferring knowledge and bringing together people from various disciplines and organizations.

Interviews and portraits

Corien Prins

Professor of Law and Informatisation

“In my research on new technological applications I strive to provide insights into the consequences of these applications for our society— for example, intelligent sensor networks, and what they mean for elderly persons who would like to remain living longer in their own home, or the risks of identity fraud in on-line banking. Sustainable innovation is ultimately best served by scientific insight into the opportunities and risks presented by technology to society. The Netherlands is well positioned to make a contribution to this field internationally. Additional funding for this research translates into investment in the innovative strength of our country.”

Maurits Barendrecht

Professor of Private Law

“The research being done under the auspices of the Microjustice Initiative is focused on improving the legal position of the millions of people worldwide who are denied access to their legal rights. Microjustice is an approach by which people living in these circumstances create their own legal solutions. Tilburg is unique in its academic focus on this subject. All of the additional monies that are made available for this research can make a great difference in the daily wellbeing, safety and social position of particularly the poorest of the poor. Legal protection allows people to invest safely in their living and working environments—an investment return of inestimable value.”

Herbert Hamers

Professor of Game Theory and Operations Research

“As a university, we feel connected with our future students: young people currently in high school. That’s why we are investing in giving higher math lessons to these students, and providing extended education to their teachers. This gives them a better understanding of the level of math that can be expected at the university level; they also come in contact with the university itself. The extra monies available through this program allow us to innovate in the area of e-learning, so that even more schools can be reached through the program.”

Ting Jiang

Phd student Tilburg School of Economics and Management

“It was in Tilburg University where my dream of finding a piece of truth in ethics in governance started. Nowhere else have I experienced such an excellent interdisciplinary atmosphere. Being affiliated with two interdisciplinary research centers, I have benefited tremendously from the excellent help given by the many outstanding, yet dedicated and responsible researchers in those centers.”

Jan Hommen


“Alumni are in a great position to give something back to the university. Not only the alumni, however, but also others can make a contribution. While it might involve offering your experience or talent, it can also involve making a financial donation, creating a legacy or offering your bonus to support scholarships for students from developing countries—or students that are in need of extra financial aid. This lets you do something positive with your money: giving others the chance to grow and develop, thereby helping to build a better society together.”

Nancy McKinstry

CEO Wolters Kluwer, Supervisory Board TiasNimbas

“My gifts to the University of Rhode Island are a great way for me to thank all of the wonderful professors and the dedicated faculty for the fine education and the individualized attention I received as a student. I look back at my studies in Economics as the starting point of my business career. My gift to TiasNimbas recognizes their achievement as an excellent business school and with it I hope to inspire others to give.”

Ruud Lubbers

Chairman of Tilburg University’s Board of Governors

“Tilburg University is the birthplace of many a socially involved leader. Academic education at Tilburg University has a great focus on engagement. Several outstanding programs at the university serve to connect businesses with organizations serving society. Your partnership in this work is most welcome!”

Adriana Esmeijer

Director of the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

“Charitable donations and bequests have become an important force worldwide, as well as in the Netherlands. Giving is ‘in’. Art and culture have been reaping the benefits, certainly in areas in which government funding has dried up. Charitable giving to benefit university research—with the exception of medical research—has had low priority, however. That’s too bad, since investing, also in social knowledge development, means investing in societal solutions that meet a great need. Tilburg University has an opportunity to make great inroads here.”

Jitske Overboom

Attorney at Law, Lexence N.V.

“At the end of my law study I won the 2008 edition of ‘BestGraduates Law Game’. This honor of this achievement can in part be shared by Tilburg University, which invests in excellence, motivates its students to shine in their chosen areas and offers a great academic environment that encourages well-rounded student development. Extra investment in excellence leads quickly to visible added value to society.”