Understanding Society

Tilburg University is convinced that it can contribute to solving social issues by developing and transferring knowledge and bringing together people from various disciplines and organizations.

Honors Program Outreaching

The Outreaching Honors Program is an honors program of Tilburg University. The program aims at making a difference by understanding society. It prepares students to take responsibility and lead in the society.


Outreaching's mission is to give outstanding students of Tilburg University the opportunity to enrich themselves with knowledge and international and practical experience so that they are ready to take up influencing and leading positions in future society. Outreaching strives to making a positive impact on the world through the hard work and enthusiasm of it's students.


The Honors Program Outreaching is so unique and innovative that the Ministry of Education was willing to support the program with a temporary subsidy. However, this stopped by January 1, 2014. We really want to pursue this program and therefore we need your help! Without additional funding there will be NO Honors Program Outreaching.