Understanding Society

Tilburg University is convinced that it can contribute to solving social issues by developing and transferring knowledge and bringing together people from various disciplines and organizations.

Academic Services

The Academic Services Division is responsible for:

  • formulating and executing the research, teaching, and valorization policies
  • ensuring quality in teaching and research
  • supporting the degree programs, graduate schools, and research programs organizationally and administratively
  • assisting and facilitating students and PhD students, supporting research
  • supporting teachers and researchers in realizing the objectives in areas like educational innovation
  • acquiring research funding and valorizing research results.


Academic Services is subdivided into three units: Education, Research, and Valorization. The Division consists of the following Offices: Policy Staff, Education, Research and Valorization.


  • Education Support Teams (TISEM, TLS, TSB, TSH, and TST)
  • Language Center
  • Student Administration
  • Student Desk
  • Student Development
  • Teacher Development
  • International Office


  • Research Support Teams (TISEM, TLS, TSB, TSH, and TST)
  • Grant Support


  • Development & Alumni Relations Office
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Projects
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    Managing Director and secretaries' office

    The Management Team consist of a Managing Director and two Vice-Directors, of Education and Research, respectively.

    Managing Director

    Baert, H.J.P.
    Name ir.drs. H.J.P. (Hilde) Baert
    Management, Staff and Support
    Position Director Academic Services
    Room C 21
    Phone +31 13 466 4466
    E-mail h.j.p.baert@tilburguniversity.edu

    Vice-Director Impact & Research


    Vice-Director Education

    Gielen, A.F.G.
    Name drs. A.F.G. (Hans) Gielen
    Management, Staff and Support
    Position Deputy Director
    Room A 109
    Phone +31 13 466 2863
    E-mail a.f.g.gielen@tilburguniversity.edu

    Secretaries' office

    Assem, G.W. van den
    Name G.W. (Truus) van den Assem
    Managementsup Services - Schools
    Position Secretary
    Room C 20
    Phone +31 13 466 8436
    E-mail g.w.vdnassem@tilburguniversity.edu
    Oostra-Prins, E.B.
    Name E.B. (Evonne) Oostra-Prins
    Managementsup Services - Schools
    Position Secretary
    Room C 20
    Phone +31 13 466 2564
    E-mail e.b.oostraprins@tilburguniversity.edu
    Verhagen, I.
    Name I. (Ineke) Verhagen
    Managementsup Services - Schools
    Position Secretary
    Room A 7
    Phone +31 13 466 2843
    E-mail i.verhagen@tilburguniversity.edu