Understanding Society

Tilburg University is convinced that it can contribute to solving social issues by developing and transferring knowledge and bringing together people from various disciplines and organizations.

Tilburg Educational Profile

Knowledge Skills Character

Tilburg University wants to educate self-aware and engaged academics, who understand society and want to play a significant role in it, driven by solidarity, a sense of responsibility, and empathy.

The Educational Vision and the Educational Profile of Tilburg University are built on three pillars: knowledge, skills and character. Students who are open to this will graduate and embark on their careers as TiU-shaped professionals.

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2nd Brabant Robot Challenge

2nd Brabant Robot Challenge

The final of the Brabant Robot Challenge (BRC) is over, concluding the second edition of this annual event. Some three years ago, Tilburg University Professor of Labor Market Studies Ton Wilthagen launched the initiative as he was developing the interdisciplinary Master’s course together with PhD student Robbert Coenmans. Today, a growing network of educational institutions and organizations is involved in the BRC. The BRC focuses on practical challenges encountered in robotics.

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winnaars JADS wildlife hackaton

Hackathon: Data Science as a weapon against poachers

At the JADS Wildlife Hackathon students were challenged to propose solutions to put a stop to poaching wildlife in Africa. The students had at their disposal large amounts of data coming from the park, generated by a range of sensors placed in the wildlife park, by drones, and by neckbands put on the animals. The challenge: How do you detect poachers with these (real-time) data? Joshe Klaver, Belle de Veer, Maurice Peters and Daan Marechal - all Business Analytics and Operations Research (BAOR) Master's students at Tilburg University - came up with the winning solution.

TEP Talk Josette Dijkhuizen: Where do knowledge, skills, and character stand out more than in entrepreneurship?

Many of us are familiar with great entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Elon Musk, but who has heard of Ziad and Saba? Josette Dijkhuizen introduces us to an unknown group of entrepreneurs who are deploying their knowledge, skills and character in running their own company and in increasing the wellbeing of their community.

Aswin van Oijen

Aswin van Oijen: “I consider it an enormous privilege that I get to teach young people and work together with them.”

Aswin van Oijen has both feet firmly planted in education at Tilburg University. For years now, has been passionately involved in familiarizing students with the world of Strategic Management. Besides this, he is very active in the field of educational development and management at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management. In 2016, this got him a place in the finals of the ISO national “Teacher of the Year“ elections. All the more reason to find out what his views on education are and how he feels about the Tilburg Educational Profile. We presented him with a number of propositions and asked him about his teaching style.

TILT Law Clinics

Law clinics: From Mirror Room to European Court of Human Rights

Law clinics are practical research projects in which students of Tilburg Law School conduct societally relevant research for a number of months. They study issues from the practice of government organizations, the legal profession, NGOs, and commercial companies. Students often find the law clinics very valuable and educational since the clinic supplement the knowledge acquired during their studies. It gives students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned to real problems and challenges. Thus, the law clinics link up well with the principles of the Tilburg Educational Profile.

Erik de Bruijn

Erik de Bruijn: "A company can be the ideal learning environment"

In six years’ time, 3D-printer manufacturer Ultimaker’s annual turnover has grown to nearly 40 million euros, with companies like Airbus, Tesla, VW and Apple among its customers. Co-owner Erik de Bruijn laid the foundation for his company at Tilburg University.

Vlog by Student Sunday Heagbetus: ‘Character is the quality that defines us as human beings’

The ability to make well-balanced choices marks our character. The importance of sound character building is further illustrated when individuals are under great pressure, stress, or temptation. The choices we make in difficult and challenging circumstances define us as human beings, explains Sunday Heagbetus in this vlog.

Joshua Paas

Student Joshua Paas: ‘Students need to learn to be reflective and critical’

Liberal Arts student Joshua Paas has become increasingly aware of social and political issues through his experience at Cicera, the debating association. Paas believes that the university has an enormous responsibility to facilitate and guide students in their acquiring the right knowledge, skills, and (moral) convictions.

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Alumnus Simon Korthout:

"What inspires me is working with themes such as sustainability and with clients who attach great importance in it. It is fantastic that I have been able to contribute to it."