Understanding Society

Tilburg University is convinced that it can contribute to solving social issues by developing and transferring knowledge and bringing together people from various disciplines and organizations.

Educational profile

The educational profile of Tilburg University is unique in the Netherlands. It is built on three pillars: knowledge, skills and character. Students and alumni of Tilburg University stand out among those of other universities in having a great deal of attention paid to  ‘character building’ in their studies. Students open to  this way of learning will go through life as TiU-shaped professionals.

What is a TiU-shaped professional?

TiU-shaped professionals are a step ahead of others. Apart from having acquired the necessary academic knowledge and skills, they will also in the course of their studies have shaped their personal attitude and built their character as academics. It is this combination of qualities and qualifications that will make all the difference.

Tilburg University students or alumni have:

  • Knowledge: profound academic knowledge, professional expertise and skills
  • Skills: broad academic knowledge and generic skills
  • Character: the right mentality to contribute to a better society

To ensure that our students graduate as TiU-professionals Tilburg University invests in:

  • Small-scale courses with groups no bigger than 40 students, each guided and coached by an academic mentor and one or more academic tutors, and sometimes also  by a student mentor. Every program consists of a number of such small-scale colleges/classes.
  • Developing 21st Century Skills (debating skills, presentation skills, digital knowledge, etc.) directly applicable during classes or assignments. The development of certain specific skills requires special training courses or course components.
  • Continuous fine-tuning of the curriculum to keep it up to date and in sink with the world around us, among other things by involving external parties, such as companies, and alumni.
  • Compatibility of lecture schedules to ensure that students can do a Minor abroad or at another Dutch university, or do an internship without this creating problems in their regular schedule.
  • Deployment of an e-portfolio, keeping track from day one of students’ relevant activities and achievements, to include things like (self-reflection) assessments, 360-degree feedbacks, BSA-results (info on official recommendations regarding continuation of their studies), extra-curricular activities, sports-related activities, and paid jobs. Having kept a portfolio like this, students will enter the labor market better prepared.
  • Providing character-building courses and activities – such as philosophy courses or guest lectures - paying special attention to social and societal issues that we find ourselves confronted with on a daily basis.

Tilburg University educates self-conscious and societally engaged thinkers, who understand society and want to play a meaningful role in advancing it, driven by solidarity, a strong sense of responsibility, and a great deal of sensitivity to the wants and needs of others.

This makes Tilburg University the university par excellence of humans and society.