Tilburg University 90 years

Events Lustrum

  • 16 Jan 201820:00

    Science Café - Dementia: prospects of a cure? *
    In the Netherlands, some 260,000 people are suffering from dementia. As a result of the graying of the population and increased life expectancy the number will only increase. Some 70 percent of dementia patients have Alzheimer’s, an incurable disease, but perhaps not much longer. (language: Dutch) Read more


  • Tilburg Research
    This year the Tilburg Research magazine has a special 90 years anniversary edition! Read more

  • Small Encyclopedia
    On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the university, an encyclopedia will be written that draws a picture of the university's past and present with topics arranged in alphabetical order. Read more

  • Photo Contest
    Employees and students of Tilburg University have participated in the Tilburg University Photo Contest! To celebrate Tilburg University’s 90-year anniversary, there has been a photo contest. Participants had a change to win great prizes: their photo exhibited on the campus, gift vouchers or even a Canon camera! Read more