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Innovative education at Tilburg University: interactive web lectures

Tilburg University is investing intensive efforts in educational innovation. The Tilburg School of Economics and Management has developed a new teaching method for general use based on interactive web lectures. i-STAR, as the initiative is called, is helping to boost pass rates, increase student motivation and reduce the workload for lecturers.
The i-STAR project , developed by a team led by Accountancy lecturer Bob van den Brand, provides students with five new resources in addition to traditional lectures and seminars:

Pass rates rise

The i-STAR approach, developed to complement traditional teaching methods, has helped to boost the pass rate among students in the Bachelor’s subject in Accounting from 58 per cent to 79 per cent, and that in the Bachelor’s subject in Business Controls from 57 to 84 per cent. Student satisfaction is showing a corresponding rise. In the year ahead, the Web lectures will be expanded to the Liberal Arts (Tilburg School of Humanities) and International Business Administration programs.

Three prizes

In February 2011 the project placed first in the OASE competition – a two-year education innovation project organized by SURFfoundation. In May 2011, Van den Brand was in Madison, Wisconsin to accept the Rich Media Impact Award presented jointly by Sonicfoundry and Media Mission. A third accolade will follow in August 2011, with the presentation of the American Accounting Association’s prestigious Jim Bulloch Award for Innovation in Education .