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  • 19 Dec 2014News

    Accountancy lecturer Bob van den Brand nominated for Best Lecturer Netherlands
    Tilburg University Associate Professor of Accountancy Bob van den Brand is one of the five lecturers who will be vying for the nationwide title of "Best Lecturer of the Year." All research universities and universities of applied sciences throughout the Netherlands were able to nominate a lecturer for the election, which is organized by the Dutch National Student Association (Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg, ISO). A jury then compiled a shortlist on the basis of the letters of motivation submitted by the nominating institutions, assessing the lecturers on the criteria of commitment, didactic ability, interaction with students, innovation, and passion for their work. Read more

  • 18 Dec 2014News

    Michal Kobielarz wins Jenny Ligthart Award
    Research Master student Michal Kobielarz is the winner of the Jenny Ligthart Award 2014. He received the prize on December 18, during the Christmas drinks of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM). The prize is an annual award for the best Research Master in Economics student who transfers to a PhD in the CentER Graduate School. De prize comes with an amount of 1500 euros that can be spent on a research visit to a renowned institution abroad during the PhD. Read more

  • 16 Dec 2014Press release

    Manager’s religious affiliation impacts hospital’s strategy
    Protestant non-profit hospitals in Germany offer fewer treatment types, but focus more on complex treatments. By contrast, Catholic German hospitals offer more treatment types but focus on less complex treatments. This is the outcome of research on German non-profit hospitals by Jens Prüfer and Lapo Filistrucchi from Tilburg University. “The management’s religious affiliation impacts the hospital’s strategy”, Prüfer says. Read more

  • 16 Dec 2014Press release

    Dutch pension experts advise government: ‘Make pension more flexible and transparent’
    The Dutch government started a national dialogue on the future of pensions in September 2014, with meetings all over the country. On January 19, 2015, the final dialogue meeting will take place. In light of this dialogue, nine prominent Dutch pension experts, among whom Theo Nijman (chairman, Tilburg University and Netspar) and Lans Bovenberg (Tilburg University and Netspar) recently published their advice on the future of pensions in the Netherlands. Read more

  • 12 Dec 2014News

    Hon. doctor John List: ‘Incentive schemes can make the world a better place’
    “We can make the world a better place by using incentive schemes”, Chicago Professor of Economics John List states in a video interview with Tilburg University. On November 20, 2014, John List received an honorary doctorate from Tilburg University. Read more

  • 11 Dec 2014News

    Koopmans building will stay open during weekends
    TiSEM has found a way to keep the Koopmans building open during the weekends whilst realizing a cost reduction. The lobby will not be staffed on Saturdays and Sundays, but a group of PhD students has volunteered to take on the tasks of a Campus Emergency Service. Read more

  • 26 Nov 2014News

    2014 GfK Market Research Award
    PhD student Kristopher Keller (TiSEM) has been awarded the 2014 GfK Market Research Award for his Research Master Thesis: Let your banner wave? Naming strategies for private labels (thesis coaches: Marnik Dekimpe and Inge Geyskens). Read more

  • 26 Nov 2014News

    Top core publication Shivaram Devarakonda
    Shivaram Devarakonda, together with Jeffrey Reuer (Purdue University), has a paper accepted in Academy of Management Journal. The paper is entitled: Mechanisms of hybrid governance: Administrative committees in non-equity alliances. Read more

  • 24 Nov 2014News

    Best theses prizes for De Ridder, Verkroost and Vlieks

  • 20 Nov 2014News

    CentER: catalyst of top research and modernization
    The central theme of the celebration of the 87th anniversary of Tilburg University, or dies natalis, on November 20 is 25 years of academic excellence in economics and business. During this year’s dies natalis, Tilburg University celebrates the academic excellence of its Tilburg School of Economics and Management, that originated in a research tradition which started 25 years ago with the research institute CentER. Read more

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