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Tilburg University's largest School ranks amongst the top Schools in Europe due to its excellent quality in education and research which contributes to a better understanding of society.

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  • 10 Sep 2014Press release

    Jon van Rooijen and Koen Gerrits winners Best Thesis Awards
    Tilburg University graduates Jon van Rooijen and Koen Gerrits have, respectively, won the Fujifilm and Menlo Best Thesis Awards 2014. The Awards were presented during the Graduation Ceremony that was held on September 9, 2014. De prizes consist of a certificate and 500 euros. Through the Best Thesis Awards, Fujifilm and Menlo would like to inspire students to excel in their field. Read more

  • 25 Aug 2014News

    Nicolette van Gestel appointed Crown member SER
    The Dutch Government has appointed professor Nicolette van Gestel (1957) as new Crown member of the Social Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER). Read more

  • 21 Aug 2014News

    Economics/Business rises to 45th place in Shanghai Ranking
    In the field of Economics/Business, Tilburg University has climbed from 47th to 45th position in the Academic Ranking of World Universities (known as the ARWU or the Shanghai Ranking). Each year, the Ranking lists the top 100 research universities in the world. Read more

  • 08 Aug 2014News

    Latest cohort of Erasmus Mundus graduates in high demand on European job market
    Last month, thirteen students graduated in the international Erasmus Mundus IMSE (International Master in Service Engineering) program. They received their diploma in Crete; four students graduated ‘with distinction’ and four ‘cum laude’. The graduates originate from different parts of the world, ranging from Pakistan, India, and China to Bulgaria and Ukraine. Read more

  • 24 Jul 2014Press release

    Oliver Spalt appointed professor of Behavioral Finance
    Tilburg University has appointed Dr. Oliver Spalt as professor of Behavioral Finance at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management, effective July 1, 2014. Spalt applies knowledge and theories from the field of psychology to study how people make financial decisions. His chair is based at the Finance Department. Read more

  • 15 Jul 2014Press release

    Language influences strategic choices of companies (in Dutch)

  • 01 Jul 2014News

    Tilburg University student receives Fulbright scholarship
    Master’s Accounting student Rosanne Engel has received the prestigious Fulbright scholarship (Ivy Circle Award) to follow a Master’s program in Public Health at Yale University. A tremendous achievement that we are very proud of. Read more

  • 30 Jun 2014Press release

    Sense of power makes you save more money
    Feeling powerful increases saving, even if there is only a small increase in the sense of power. The reason: money in the bank gives you a feeling of prosperity and power – and you want to keep feeling that way. As soon as people know that they will be able to maintain their sense of power or that other sources, such as knowledge, increase their sense of power, their tendency to save decreases. The fear to lose power stimulates saving behavior. This is shown by research conducted by Anne-Kathrin Klesse of Tilburg University, carried out in cooperation with Emily Garbinsky and Jennifer Aaker of Stanford Graduate School of Business. Read more

  • 26 Jun 2014Press release

    Silence during open conference calls comes at a price
    More than ever before, corporate communication has become a two-way street. Recent research by academics from Tilburg and Texas (U.S.), however, shows that communication between managers and the investment community regarding annual or quarterly earnings numbers via conference calls can have an unintended price tag. When financial analysts fail to show up, and refrain from asking questions in these live sessions, it can lead to significant price drops. Read more

  • 26 Jun 2014News

    NWO awards four Research talents Tilburg University
    The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded four PhD research proposals of Tilburg University with a Research talent funding. The Research talent scheme is a competition to support highly talented young researchers with ambition. This year NWO rewarded 35 proposals out of 132 in the area of social sciences. Read more

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