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Hack for Future Talent

On Saturday 8 December, the doors of CUBE will be opened for the Hackathon "Hack for Future Talent". This means that you can hack and manipulate data for as much as 12 hours and win prizes! Attendance is free and intended for everyone! You are challenged to come up with new insights for an improved education system by means of data. In particular, how everyone's talents can be better utilized and how all young people can receive equal opportunities in education. The Hackathon thus provides an impetus for more data driven education policy. On the basis of various open data sets, insightful patterns and profiles can be discovered out of which a preventive policy can be developed when it comes to "Talent Optimization / Equal Opportunities in Education". Accept the challenge and join the "Hack for Future Talent"!

When: 08 December 2018 10:00

End date: 08 December 2018 22:00