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Launch Tilburg School of Governance: Seminar on Challenges to Public Governance

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21 September 2017: TSG Launch Seminar on ‘Challenges to public governance’

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On behalf of Prof.dr. Arjen van Witteloostuijn and Stavros Zouridis (chairs), we cordially invite you to the festive launch of the Tilburg School of Governance (TSG). At the launch, TSG researchers and teachers will present ongoing cutting-edge research as well as discuss ideas and plans for future research. We will introduce the bachelor and master’s programs on public governance, attracting students from all over the world and employing innovative teaching methods. Three short sessions will be held. After that, there will be a closing reception with cold drinks and bites where you can meet our students, staff, fellow academics and practitioners.


Please confirm your attendance by filling out this online registration form or by sending an e-mail to If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Public governance in times of Euroscepsis
    By prof. dr. Frank Hendriks and prof. dr. Harald Benink
    Increasingly, public governance encounters different expressions of public scepsis, of which Euroscepsis is one. This workshop appraoches Euroscepsis in relation to both the general European project of political cooperation as well as the more specific adventure of the Euro as a common currency. The scope and impact of Eurosceptic referendums and other expression of citizen, consumer and worker anxiety will be discused.

  • How regional governance matters for economic performance
    By prof. dr. Arjen van Witteloostuijn and prof dr. Martijn Groenleer
    This workshop introduces you to ongoing TSG research on the nexus of entrepreneurship, innovation, economic performance and new modes of regional governance. Entrepreneurship and innovation are important determinants of economic growth and can help to address complex societal challenges such as climate change, population aging, congested transportation networks, and social inequality. The regional level appears to be particularly well-suited to address such challenges because of its practical proximities, compound interdependencies and mutual trust. The region, in its various (and variable) sizes and shapes, therefore increasingly serves as a focal point of entrepreneurship and innovation policies. Moreover, in the framework of economic growth, novel interactions seem to emerge among governments, businesses, civil society and knowledge institutions in the region – beyond traditional state-market or government-society schemes. Yet, some regions appear more successful than others in achieving economic growth and addressing societal challenges. In the workshop, we explore this conundrum, make sense of it, and, together with participants, identify implications for research and practice.

  • Good governance and the erosion of the democratic rule of law
    By prof. mr. dr. Stavros Zouridis and dr. mr. Wesley Kaufmann
    Good governance is built on an institutional foundation of democracy and the rule of law. In and outside Europe these institutions are eroding rapidly. Contemporary smart European societies show declining public and political trust in democracy and the rule of law. East and South of Europe some desperate societies recently took up the Herculean task of building a democratic rule of law. In this workshop we will explore the institutional erosion of the democratic rule of law in the Netherlands and Europe. We will also identify some building blocks for a TSG research agenda and promising innovations that have been developed to reverse institutional erosion.

Thursday, September 21st 2017

Reitse Poort building 1, Professor Cobbenhagenlaan 125, 5037 DB Tilburg

When: 21 September 2017 15:00

End date: 21 September 2017 19:00

Where: Tilburg Institute of Governance