School of Economics and Management

Tilburg University's largest School ranks amongst the top Schools in Europe due to its excellent quality in education and research which contributes to a better understanding of society.

Department of Accountancy

Tilburg University was founded as a Catholic Graduate School of Commerce in 1927. It obtained its current name in 2001. Accountancy, i.e. accounting and auditing, was taught in the School from its inception. The current Department of Accountancy, now in the Tilburg School of Economics and Management, was formed in 2001, bringing together accountancy faculty teaching in the undergraduate bachelor and graduate master programs of the School, and in the Post-Master Register Accountant (RA) program. RA is the Dutch Chartered Accountant title. The RA program was created in the School in 1931. The flagship programs of the Department are the MSc in Accountancy program and the Post-Master RA program. Currently the Department graduates some 150 MSc in Accounting students and around 75 RAs each year. The Department also teaches the Accounting track in the Research Master in Business and in the CentER PhD program in Business, since 2004.

The Department is an active contributor to the valorization of accountancy knowledge in The Netherlands through its RA program and through its continuous involvement in various applied research projects, for instance for the Dutch Ministry of Finance and the European Commission. The Department is now one of the most research active Accountancy departments in Europe, witness its ranking in the UT Dallas Business School Research rankings and in the Brigham Young Accounting Research Rankings. Philip Joos, Professor of Accounting TiSEM and Vice-Dean TiSEM was elected President-Elect 2016-2017 of the European Accounting Association (EAA) at the EAA's 39th Annual Congress in Maastricht (May 11-13). He will become EAA President in 2017. The previous editor of the European Accounting Review is a Department member: Professor Laurence van Lent. Other faculty members are editorial board members of various leading Accountancy research journals. Its PhD graduates have been placed in top European, US, Australian and Asian schools: e.g. RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam, USC, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, University of Melbourne, and Nanyang University. The Department hosts over 30 research seminars each year, and an Accounting Spring Camp, with leading scholars from Europe, US and Asia-Australia.

Also, professor Willem Buijink was the Academic Director of the European Institute of Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) in Brussels, and professor Philip Joos is member of the Management Committee of the European Accounting Association (EAA).