School of Economics and Management

Tilburg University's largest School ranks amongst the top Schools in Europe due to its excellent quality in education and research which contributes to a better understanding of society.

Academic Directors

The Academic Directors take care of the policy, quality, programming and organization of the education programs. They receive input from the Sounding Boards.
Academic Directors Economics

BSc Economics (former IEF), MSc Economics, MSc International Economics and Finance, BSc Economie en Bedrijfseconomie  

Dr. L.B.D. Raes and Prof. dr. D. Brounen Academic Director (BSc Economie en Bedrijfseconomie)
Dr. J.O. Prüfer Academic Director (MSc Economics)
Dr. B.J.A.M. van Groezen Academic Director (BSc Economics (former IEF))
Mr. Y.P.A. van Hapert Education Coordinator (MSc Economics)
E.F.C. Klijsen Education Coordinator (BSc Economie en Bedrijfseconomie)
M.M.E. Prince Education Coordinator (BSc Economics)

Academic Director Business Economics
BSc Business Economics
Dr. A.E. Kramer Academic Director (BSc Business Economics)
N.C.W. van Enckevort Education Coordinator (BSc Business Economics)

Academic Directors Econometrics and Operations Research
BSc Econometrics and Operations Research, MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, MSc Business Analytics and Operations Research, MSc Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Sciences
Prof. E.R. van Dam Academic Director (BSc Econometrics and OR)
Prof. dr. A.M.B. de Waegenaere Academic Director (MSc QFAS)
Dr. O. Boldea Academic Director (MSc EME)
Dr. J.C. (Juan) Vera Lizcano Academic Director (MSc BAOR)
N. Donkers MA Education Coordinator (BSc Econometrics and OR, MSc EME, MSc QFAS, MSc BAOR)

Academic Director Tax Economics

BSc en MSc Tax Economics

Prof. dr. A.J.A. Stevens Academic director (BSc and MSc Tax Economics)
Mr. drs. H. de Bruijn Education Coordinator (BSc and MSc Tax Economics)

Academic Director International Business Taxation
MSc International Business Taxation
Prof. dr. mr. D.S. Smit and Dr. C De Pietro Academic Director (MSc International Business Taxation)
Mr. drs. H. de Bruijn Education Coordinator (MSc International Business Taxation)

Academic Director Information Management
MSc Information Management
Dr. H. Weigand Academic Director (MSc Information Management)
Drs. S.A.M.M. Blijlevens Education Coordinator (MSc Information Management)

Academic Director International Management
MSc International Management
Dr. J.G. Kuilman Academic Director (MSc International Management)
Drs. M.T.H. Gorris Education Coordinator (MSc International Management)

Academic Director International Business Administration
BSc International Business Administration
Dr. V.J.J. Wiegerinck Academic Director (BSc IBA)
A. Slump BSc MA Education Coordinator (BSc IBA)

Academic Directors Business Masters

Masters Accountancy, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Marketing Management, Marketing Analytics, Strategic Management

S.N.M. Vandenbogaerde MSc Academic Director (MSc Acc)
Dr. P.C. de Goeij Academic Director (MSc Finance)
Dr. A.A.C.J. van Oijen Academic Director (MSc SM)
Dr. ir. W. van der Valk Academic Director (MSc SCM)
Dr. A.A.M. Bosmans Academic Director (MSc MM, MA)
Drs. E.L.H. Niesten Education Coordinator (MSc SM, SCM)
Drs. S.A.M.M. Blijlevens Education Coordinator (MSc MM, MA)
Drs. M.T.H. Gorris Education Coordinator (MSc Accountancy)
Mr. Y.P.A. van Hapert Education Coordinator (MSc Finance)

Academic Directors CentER programs
Prof. dr. ir. R. Sotirov Academic Director Research Master in Business
Prof. dr. E.C.M. van der Heijden Academic Director Research Master in Economics
C. Struis Education Coordinator (RM in Business and RM in Economics)

Academic Director Postmaster Accountancy

Postmaster Accountancy

Drs. R.C.W. Eken RA Education Coordinator

Academic Director HBO pre-master programs

Pre-master programs

Dr. H. Haans Academic Director
Drs. E.L.H. Niesten Education Coordinator

Academic Director Master Secondary Teacher Training

Masters Secondary Teacher Training VHO General Economics and Secondary Teacher Training VHO Management & Organization

Drs. H.A.J.P. van den Hout Academic Director
Drs. S.A.M.M. Blijlevens Education Coordinator

Academic Director Master Data Science and Entrepreneurship

Prof. dr. W.J.A.M. van den Heuvel Academic Director (MSc Data Science and Entrepreneurship)
N.R. Claus MSc Education Coordinator (MSc Data Science and Entrepreneurship)