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Tilburg School of Humanities

Understanding Communication & Culture

Society 3.0: the computer as an integral part of our homes, deeply affecting our culture and the way we communicate. Research and education at the Tilburg School of Humanities (TSH) is primarily centered on this World 3.0, on the digital junction of culture, philosophy, religion, language and communication, i.e., e-humanities. This is part of why the TSH takes up a unique position in the Netherlands.

TSH also holds a strong position, recognized both nationally and internationally. In national rankings, Bachelor's and Master's programs of the TSH are rated excellent on a regular basis, as was the case recently for the Communication and Information Sciences program and the Culture Studies program in the Keuzegids (impartial national overview ranking the educational programs in Dutch higher education).

Vision Memo Humanities 2016-2019


  • 18 Oct 2016News

    Visit prof.dr. James Tang, Singapore Management University
    On Monday October 10 October, prof. dr. James Tang, dean and professor of political science at the Singapore Management University visited University College Tilburg to discuss the possibilities of intensifying the already existing relations with the University College Tilburg in terms of staff and student exchange. Read more

  • 13 Oct 2016Direct link

    Qualtrics for staff and students TSH

  • 23 Aug 2016News

    Rector Emile Aarts opens UCTilburg Conference on US Elections
    On Monday August 22nd our rector Emile Arts opened the UCTilburg Conference with an enthusiastic welcome to the freshmen of the Liberal Arts and Sciences program. The conference about the upcoming US Elections titled 'The American Presidential Elections: A Peculiar Case of an Elephant and a Donkey' included inspiring speeches, a lively panel debate and was a success. Read more