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Karen Woets

We received the very sad news that our colleague Karen Woets has passed away. She worked at our Department for many years, first as a PhD student on a project about the policy of two Catholic publishing houses, Malmberg and Zwijsen. Later she held a Post Doc position, and in the past few years she worked as an external researcher on a second PhD project on Emergent Cultural Literacy, supervised by Herman Beck and Paul Post. She was an expert in the field of children's literature, picture books and school reading curriculae. One of her main research interests was religiosity and cultural diversity in children's books.

We extend our deepest condolences to her three children, her former partner and family and friends. We very much hope that they will hold on to beloved memories, and find strength in these.

Odile Heynders and Helma van Lierop

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Ton Vallen Award 2016

The winner of this year's award is James Costa:

Can schools dispense with standard language? Some unintended consequences of introducing Scots in an Scottish primary school

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