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Research Laboratories

This page provides information about the research facilities of the Department Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence (DCA). Here you will find information about rooms and equipment of two research laboraties, supported research techniques, and guidelines for hardware and software usage.



The CSAI-lab is located in the Dante building in room D352. It can be used during working hours. It can be used for computational experiments.


The purpose of the CSAI-lab is to provide facilities for students who want to perform computational experiments for courses or for their thesis. As it is not always in use for its main purpose, students can also use the facilities for their day-to-day activities.

The CSAI-lab houses five computers which are under control of the students. They can boot both Windows and Linux operating systems. Students are allowed to install new software on these computers, though they should do that in a responsible way. If something goes wrong with software installation, the computers may get a fresh image, which erases everything on them.

Besides the computers, the CSAI-lab also contains several Lego NXT2 and EV3 robots. Software to use these bots is installed on the computers.

The key to the lab is available from the secretariat (room D347). If you want to work late, make sure that the room is opened before the secretariat closes. Alternatively, campus security can open the room for you. Reservations need not be made, though students who want to use the lab for its primary purpose (i.e., computational experiments for courses or thesis work) have priority.


DAF Technology Lab

Experiencing Virtual Reality

The DAF Technology Lab provides high-tech facilities for students, researchers, and the business community. The combination of technology and behavioral sciences expertise offers unique possibilities for innovative teaching and research. The DAF Technology Lab consists of two spaces: the Experience Room and the Research Room.

Website: www.tilburguniversity.edu/dtl

Qualtrics accounts for TSHD staff and TSHD students

The Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences has come to an agreement with Qualtrics for a licence permitting all of its staff and students to create a Qualtrics account and hold it for as long as they are employed /registered as student at TSHD.

Find out how to create your own TSHD Qualtrics account (pdf-file).