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The Department is an inspiring and stimulating center for philosophical study and research in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Our undergraduate and graduate students are provided with first-rate expertise across, and thorough training in, a wide variety of philosophical fields ranging from logic, epistemology and philosophy of science to ethics, social, legal and political philosophy, philosophical anthropology and the philosophy of culture. All members of the department share a common interest in the relation between man, society and rationality. More >>


Veni Awards NWO for promising researchers

Two promising young researchers of the Department of Philosophy have been awarded a Veni grant by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The grant consists of a maximum of 250,000 euro and will enable them to conduct innovative research for three years.

The awarded researchers and their projects:

Dr. Alfred Archer - The value of admiration

We admire heroes, saints, and film stars but what is admiration and what role should it play in our lives? Using tools and insights from philosophy and psychology, this project will investigate the nature and value of admiration, when admiration is appropriate and admiration’s role in education and leadership.

Dr. Sander Verhaegh - Matter over mind: Skinner, Quine, and the Heyday of Behaviorism

Twentieth-century psychology and philosophy were dominated by behaviorism. The leading scholars were B.F. Skinner and W.V. Quine. How did they develop their theories? How did they influence each other? And what are the implications for the relation between psychology and philosophy? This projects answers these questions by examining their archives.

Wake Forrest Award

The research project titled 'The Moral Psychology of Inequality and its Impact on Well-Being Principal' by Alan Thomas, Alfred Archer and Bart Engelen has been awarded by Saint Louis University grants on 'Happiness and Well-Being'.

Relocation of the Department of Philosophy

In the week of 4 July all members of the Department of Philosophy (including TiLPS) have been moved to the second floor of the Dante Building. The phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same.

Recently published:

'Het snapgevoel', Hans Dooremalen & Herman de Regt, published by Boom Uitgeverij.