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Run for a PhD position in the Humanities

Have you ever considered going for a PhD? Maybe you are not ready to let go of the subject of your thesis and you wish to dig deeper. Then here’s your chance! You can apply for funding for a PhD-position now.

Each year three students/(recent) graduates can submit their research proposal to NWO’s ‘PhDs in the Humanities’ call. The intended supervisor needs to be affiliated with the Tilburg School of

Humanities, but external candidates are also invited to submit their proposal. If you want to apply, please contact your intended supervisor and start drafting a proposal.

You can use the form of the previous call as a template. The deadline for submitting proposals is Thursday November 2, 2 PM.

For more information, please contact Marjet van Loo. To sum up:

Who? (Prospective) graduates in summer 2018

What? PhD funding

When? Deadline November 2, 2017