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Tilburg law students launch podcast covering global legal issues

A group of students from Tilburg's Global Law Program have launched Nomosphone, a new podcast series focused on current global legal issues. From migration to international crime, climate change to global trade, the podcast covers it all.

Each episode emphasizes the human experience of the law as it affects societies across the globe. The first Nomosphone episode reports on the implications that the Syrian civil war and the refugee crisis have had on statelessness in the European Union.

In addition to themed episodes, Nomosphone's Case Notes and Footnotes provide short analyses of breaking legal issues. Case Note 001 covers the International Criminal Court's judgment in the Al-Mahdi trial released on 27 September. Episodes are free for downloading on the Nomosphone's Soundcloud page on iTunes. The podcast can also be followed on Facebook.

Innovative education

Podcasts are quickly becoming a popular form of digital journalism, and this project demonstrates the potential they hold for improving the contemporary classroom. Tilburg Law School's support of Nomosphone is illustrative of its commitment to innovative educational tools that help students engage with contemporary social issues.

For questions and inquiries contact the Nomosphone coordinator dr. Phillip Paiement (p.m.paiement@tilburguniversity.edu; tel. +31 13 466 2379).