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Phillip Paiement awarded LSGL Research Seed Fund grant

PRESS RELEASE 6 June 2017 - Dr. Phillip Paiement and his collaborating partners were awarded the Law School Global League Research Seed Fund for their project titled ‘Transformative Scales – multi-level legal method in global law’. The 10.000 euro grant enables the team to initiative a collaborative research project that promotes Tilburg Law School’s commitment to global legal research.

The project will compare the transformative effects on legal disputes as they move across levels of adjudication and dispute resolution. Bring together experts in the fields of global supply chains, domestic violence, and the global waste trade, the project aims to identify commonalities across these fields in order to generate general methodological conclusions about multi-level legal disputes. Initial findings will be presented at a workshop in June 2018.

The collaborating partners include: Saptarshi Mandal and Jhuma Sen (Jindal Global Law School), Liliane Mouan and Peer Zumbansen (King’s College London) and Natalia Ángel Cabo (Los Andes).