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PhD Researchers and Topics Law

PhD Researchers and Topics started in 2017

  • Sacha van Schendel
    A framework for the protection of data and privacy in Big Data Analytics in the domain of criminal justice
    Tilburg Institute for Law,Technology and Society (TILT)
    Supervisors: R. Leenes, C. Cuijpers

PhD Researchers and Topics started in 2016

  • Anna Berti Suman
    In search for the value of connectivity. Accountable citizens fostering accountable governance via connectivity: the case of environmental health policies
    Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society (TILT)
    Supervisors: R. Leenes, S. Adams

  • Oguz Kirman
    The Legal Transplant of Boilerplate Contract Clauses: "Copy-paste" or "Error"?
    Private Law
    Supervisors: R. Wibier, V. Mak

PhD Researchers and Topics started in 2015

  • Ivan Skorvanek
    Privacy in the 21st century: Finding a new paradigm to protect citizens in the era of ubiquitous data

    Supervisor: E.J. Koops

  • Kaur Kirandeep
    Rights, Status and Asylum: Unheard Voices in the Struggle for Transnational Community Development
    Supervisor: M. Goodwin

  • Eva Mulder
    Gender stereotypes in secondary victimization: Examining the 'normalization' of non-normative rape
    Supervisor: A. Pemberton

  • Manon Bax
    The different manifestations of collective reparations for gross human rights and serious humanitarian law violations
    Supervisors: R.M. Letschert, L. Zegveld

  • Sylvia Rainone
    Company restructurings from the workers’ perspective: inquiry of the influence of EU Directives in strengthening workers’ rights protection at the national level
    Supervisors: M.S. Houwerzijl, F. Hendrickx

  • Lamija Muftic
    An Authoritative Politics of Immigration: Reconfiguring the scope of the European Union's Immigration Policy
    Supervisors: H.K. Lindahl, E. Christodoulidis

PhD Researchers and Topics started in 2014

  • Elena De Lemos Pinto Aydos
    The Assistance to Emissions-Intensive and Trade-Exposed Sectors in the EU, NZ and Australia: Focus on Linking of ETS and WTO Issues
    Supervisors: Prof. R. Lyster, Prof. P. Delimatsis

PhD Researchers and Topics started in 2013

  • Milda Macenaite
    Protecting the privacy of youths on the internet.
    Supervisors: Prof. J.E.J. Prins

PhD Researchers and Topics started in 2012