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Research Department Developmental Psychology

Research Developmental Psychology

Source: all papers of the assistant/associate/full professors of the Developmental Psychology department (2013 - Jan. 2018).


An overview of the publications from our department can be found at Zotero.

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Lifespan Lab 

In the Lifespan Lab (former Babylab), we examine how individuals respond to social situations across different periods of life (e.g., childhood, adolescence, adulthood). More at www.tilburguniversity.edu/lifespanlab.


Much of the research we conduct is funded by external grants, some of which are personal grants.

  • Loes Keijsers assesses in her Vidi project how parenting affects every child’s well-being in a different way, using smartphone applications with micro-questionnaires. Go to the press release and for more info check the ADAPT webpage.
  • Theo Klimstra examines the role of identity formation processes in the emergence of personality disorders in young people (Vidi grant).
  • With a Veni grant, Matteo Giletta examines the effects of peers on the mental and physical health of adolescents.
  • The Veni project of Wiebke Bleidorm examines if and how the transition to parenthood leads to personality changes in new parents.
  • Joanne Chung has obtained the Templeton Grant for a project co-sponsored with Odilia Laceulle from Utrecht University. The project is entitled ‘Emotional Character Growth Following Adversity’.
  • Stefan Bogaerts is co-PI of different projects on, for instance, domestic violence victimization in psychiatric patients (NWO), Virtual Reality Aggression Prevention Training in forensic clinics (NWO), static and dynamic risk factors in the outpatient forensic field (Kwaliteit Forensische Zorg), and forensic prognoses, treatment duration and outflow for TBS patients (Kwaliteit Forensische Zorg).

The Tilburg Experience Sampling Center (TESC)

Loes Keijsers together with Angelique Cramer have set up the Tilburg Experience Sampling Center (TESC). This center facilitates research on the real-time dynamics of mental health and well-being, using smartphones and wearables. For more info, see experiencesampling.nl

Instruments, treatment programs and datasets

We developed several instruments as well as treatment programs and share some datasets. If you want more information, please contact us.


Treatment programs:

These treatment programs are recognized by the board of Judicial interventions.


Open science

Our department is committed to transparency and openness regarding our research activities. Many of our faculty members and students have adopted open science research practices such as open access to data and research materials, pre-registration/registration, and preprints. We strive to continue to embrace open science values and practices as we continue to grow!

Student assistants

Are you interested in assisting our team with their research? We are always looking for students to assist in our research projects. For more information, please contact us.