Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Understanding the sociology and psychology of human actions


An overview of the publications from our department can be found at Zotero.

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Lifespan Lab 

In the lifespan lab, we examine how individuals respond to social situations across different periods of life (e.g., childhood, adolescence, adulthood). More>>


Much of the research we conduct is funded by external grants, some of which are personal grants.

  • Theo Klimstra examines the role of identity formation processes in the emergence of personality disorders in young people (VIDI grant).
  • With a VENI grant, Matteo Giletta examines the effects of peers on the mental and physical health of adolescents. 
  • The Veni-project of Wiebke Bleidorm examines if and how the transition to parenthood leads to personality changes in new parents.


Are you interested in assisting our team with their research? We are always looking for students to assist in our research projects. For more information, please contact us.