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Here you will find information about our Bachelor's and Master's programs, research and organization. The School of Catholic Theology is located in two cities in the Netherlands: Utrecht and Tilburg.


  • 23 Mar 201812:30

    Symposium Readers in Textst (in Dutch)

  • 23 Mar 201816:15

    Inaugural address Prof. A.L.H.M. van Wieringen
    Title: ‘…..’, the LORD, your God, has said
    Amos 9:15d as key to various reading-options in the Book of Amos

  • 29 Mar 201812:30

    PhD Day 2018

  • 10 Apr 201814:00

    PhD Defense Mr. Drs. G. Paimpillil Joseph
    Title: Christian Initiation in India. Actuality and Possibilities of Inculturation in the Syro-Malabar Church
    Supervisor: Prof. G.A.M. Rouwhorst

  • 04 May 201814:00

    PhD Defense Mr. G.P.M. Flynn, MPhil
    Title: The Motif of Containment in the Gospel according to Mark
    Supervisors: Prof. B.J. Koet, Prof. S.E. Docherty

  • 30 May 201816:00

    PhD Defense Mr. Drs. J.H.M. Moons
    Title: The Spirit of the Church. A Redaction-Historical and Theological-Historical Analysis of the Pneumatological Renewal in Lumen Gentium
    Supervisor: Prof. Dr. H.P.J. Witte
    Co-supervisor: Dr. K Schelkens

  • 06 Jun 201816:00

    PhD Defense Mr. A.M. ten Klooster, MA
    Title: Thomas Aquinas on the Beatitudes: Reading Matthew, Disputing Grace and Virtue, Preaching Happiness
    Supervisors: Prof. H.J.M. Schoot, Prof. M. Sarot

  • 11 Jun 201809:30

    Love and Virtues in Business and Economics – ERGO Xtra II Symposium
    What is the role of trust, empathy and love for good leadership in our contemporary economy and society? Does economic freedom enhance manager’s intrinsic motivation for CSR or is it better to enforce CSR through government regulation? Should economics and business education programs pay more attention to the moral education of students? What inspiration for better leadership can we get from different world views and religious traditions? These questions will be discussed by various speakers during ERGO Xtra II, a symposium on 11 June 2018 from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm at Tilburg University.

  • 31 Aug 201816:15

    Valedictory address Prof. G.P. Freeman
    Title: t.b.a.

  • 27 Oct 201809:30

    Open day Bachelor's programs
    During this day, students, lecturers, education coordinator and alumni will tell you about the studies you are interested in and about Tilburg as a student city.