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offers the multidisciplinary program of Liberal Arts and Sciences. In a state-of-the art location at the heart of the campus, a nurturing environment is created that allows international students to develop into critical thinkers and future leaders.

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Combine insights from social sciences, law, humanities, business and cognitive neuroscience to tackle key issues in today's society.

University College Tilburg provides the Bachelor’s program of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

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They are 60 academics from the schools of Tilburg University dedicated and committed to our Liberal Arts and Sciences program.

News and blogs

  • 24 Apr 2018Opinion

    Ellen Dreezens: What does your allergy teach you about yourself?
    Some people will never be your friend. Others make you feel livid within seconds. This blog is about where such an allergy to certain types of people comes from. And how you can understand and maybe reduce these kinds of allergies. The most important question however is: what does your allergy tell you about yourself? Read more

  • 09 Apr 2018Opinion

    Gerwin van der Laan: Mayday, mayday, it is pay day!
    When ING Bank proposed to increase its chief executive officer's (CEO) pay from two to three million euros, an intense debate was sparked, eventually leading to the withdrawal of the proposal. The arguments for and (mostly) against the proposal were the usual suspects, yet new insights went hidden just below the surface. Read more

  • 30 Nov 2017Opinion

    Gerwin van der Laan

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