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offers the multidisciplinary program of Liberal Arts and Sciences. In a state-of-the art location at the heart of the campus, a nurturing environment is created that allows international students to develop into critical thinkers and future leaders.

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Combine insights from social sciences, law, humanities, business and cognitive neuroscience to tackle key issues in today's society.

University College Tilburg provides the Bachelor’s program of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

News and blogs

  • 28 Mar 2017Opinion

    Dean's blog: Interesting Times
    The blessing: ’May you live in interesting times’, is of course a curse in disguise. Uninteresting times of peace and order are preferable over living in interesting disruptive ones. Unfortunately, our times are becoming more interesting by the day. Read more

  • 10 Feb 2017Opinion

    The Dean's blog: Zeitgeist
    Last month I saw: Toni Erdmann and La La Land. Both pictures got a lot of praise, but I was puzzled. In Toni Erdman the main character Wilfried has a daughter: Ines, who pursues a business career. Wilfried feels she is unhappy and tries to get in touch with her in a clumsy and sometimes hilarious way. Ines is in a lethargic relationship with a colleague, and when her father asks her if she is happy, she claims that to be too big a word. In the end it seems that Wilfried has not been able to make her see life differently. Read more

  • 23 Aug 2016News

    Rector Emile Aarts opens UCTilburg Conference on US Elections
    On Monday August 22nd our rector Emile Arts opened the UCTilburg Conference with an enthusiastic welcome to the freshmen of the Liberal Arts and Sciences program. The conference about the upcoming US Elections titled 'The American Presidential Elections: A Peculiar Case of an Elephant and a Donkey' included inspiring speeches, a lively panel debate and was a success. Read more

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