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Tilburg University is convinced that it can contribute to solving social issues by developing and transferring knowledge and bringing together people from various disciplines and organizations.

House Rules for Promotional Activities

Promotion activities

Applications for promotional activities at Tilburg University are assessed by the Facility Service Desk against the House Rules for Promotional Activities. These house rules apply to both students and employees of the university, as well as external parties. The House Rules for Promotional Activities are appended to the Tilburg University House Rules, which thus remain in full force at all times. Clearly, some activities may, due to their nature and/or circumstances, not be fully covered by the contents of these house rules. For this reason, all applications are assessed by the Facility Service Desk which, if necessary, can refer the application to a higher level for advice via the line organization.

General information

  • All applications for promotional activities must go through the Facility Service Desk.
  • Commercial activities by persons, businesses and institutions not connected to the university are not permitted.
  • The following promotional activities are permitted, subject to the House Rules for Promotional Activities, at the designated places in the buildings and on the university grounds:
    • Hanging of posters;
    • Distribution of flyers;
    • Renting of information stands;
    • Hanging of banners;
    • Placing of equipment and/or objects.
  • All promotional activities are assessed against the Tilburg University House Rules and the House Rules for Promotional Activities. You are therefore requested to read these house rules carefully before submitting your application.
  • Activities relating to university elections are subject to specific rules: the House Rules for Promotional Activities - Elections.
  • Permission is required to rent information stands, hang banners and place objects. You must apply for permission to the Facility Service Desk.
  • The Safety & Security Department monitors compliance with the House Rules for Promotional Activities. Instructions from the Safety & Security Department must be obeyed.

Requesting permission for activities

If you want to request permission to organize an activity, you must first check whether your wishes are compliant with the Tilburg University House Rules and the House Rules for Promotional Activities. You can then contact the Facility Service Desk via email. The email should include all relevant information, such as date, times, location, required facilities and equipment, etc. The Service Desk will check availability and whether all parts of the application meet the house rules.

House Rules for Promotional Activities

Below you will find the House Rules for Promotional Activities as applicable at the university. The costs of any damage resulting from failure to adhere to these rules will be recovered from the offender. These include e.g. the costs for removing stickers and posters or clearing up flyers. So make sure you leave the location clean and tidy.

Hanging up posters

  1. Associations who are members of Tigeak can be allocated poster locations. More information about this can be found at: tigeak@tilburguniversity.edu.
  2. Non-commercial posters (max. 45 x 75 cm) may only be hung on the designated general poster boards in:
    • Restaurant;
    • Cobbenhagen building;
    • Prisma building;
    • Academia building;
    • Esplanade building.
  3. It is not permitted to:
    • Hang up posters outside the designated boards. These posters will be removed immediately. So posters on concrete pillars, windows and doors are not permitted. Be sure to use digital media to highlight your event. This is more sustainable and also gives you a much better idea of whether you have reached your target group;
    • Remove posters/announcements of others and/or place a poster/announcement over other posters/announcements;
    • Affix stickers in the buildings or on the university grounds. This applies both to the property of the university and the property of employees, students and visitors of the university;
    • Hang posters on poster places that have been allocated to someone else.
  4. All posters must be removed by you immediately after the event. Tigeak will check this.
  5. The rules of the Municipality of Tilburg apply outside the university grounds.

Distribution of flyers

  1. The distribution of flyers and leaflets is only permitted:
    • In front of the Restaurant: outside at the entrance to the restaurant (not between the sliding doors);
    • On the campus at the (rented) promotion stand on the Esplanade;
    • In university buildings: at lecture halls, exclusively in combination with a short informative talk at a lecture (‘collegepraatje’) and with the teacher’s permission.
  2. Flyers may not be hung on means of transport.
  3. You must remove/clear up any remaining flyers immediately after your event.
  4. The flyers must be study-related or student-related.
  5. Commercial, religious or political parties are not allowed to distribute flyers on the university campus to promote their purpose, objective or cause.

Renting of information stands

  1. The university has 2 information stands. These are situated in front of the Goossens building.
  2. The stands are exclusively intended for use by students and student associations that are connected to the university. An association may hire 1 stand for a maximum of 2 days per week.
  3. The stands can be used on working days, from Monday to Friday, between 8.30am and 5pm.
  4. The stands must always be booked via the Facility Service Desk. Bookings are possible no more than 3 months in advance. The stand can be requested via the following webpage.
  5. The costs are € 27.50 per stand per day (this price is subject to annual indexation). If the stand is not cancelled in time, the costs are charged in full.
  6. It is not permitted to use sound or other equipment or carry out any actions in a manner that could cause noise nuisance to residents or the surroundings. The sound equipment must be turned down or off on the instructions of the Safety & Security Department.
  7. It is not permitted to place boards, articles or displays at a distance of more than 1.00 meter from the stand.
  8. Applications for a stand must, where applicable, state what products will be distributed.
  9. Permission for distributing products for consumption must be requested from the Facility Service Desk. They will assess each case against HACCP regulations and fair competition rules.
  10. It is not permitted to attach materials to the beams or cloth of the stand.
  11. You must remove residual waste yourself. If the waste container on the Esplanade is not sufficient, you can apply for an extra container. You must empty this yourself in the large container behind the Koopmans building. Transport costs will be charged if you fail to do this.
  12. If there is a strong wind (wind force 5 Beaufort or higher), the roofing over the stands will be automatically closed.
  13. A stand has a maximum electricity capacity of 2300 watts. In the event of heavy rainfall, the electricity will be switched off.
  14. You will be charged the costs of any damage to the stand, container and/or university grounds, as well any cleaning costs.
  15. Skytubes and other compressing machines are forbidden on the campus.
  16. Carpeting is not permitted on the campus. Paint applications and “clean graffiti” are not allowed either.

Hanging banners on Library walking bridge

  1. The banners on the walking bridge must always be booked via the Facility Service Desk. Bookings are possible no more than 3 months in advance. Bookings though this webpage.
  2. Banners may only be hung on the two sides of the walking bridge.
  3. A maximum of six banners may be hung per day, three on each side, and only 1 per association.
  4. The maximum measurements of the banners are 4 meters wide and 1 meter high.
  5. Facility Services will place and remove the banners.
  6. The banner must be delivered in the Dante building, room D 155 one day before the booked period. The banner must be collected here one day after the booked period.
  7. The maximum bookable period for hanging a banner on the walking bridge is 2 weeks.
  8. Banners will continue to hang for the entire booked period unless Facility Services receives a priority request, such as for open days or other corporate events. The banners will also be removed if there is a strong wind.
  9. Remember the environment. Plastic or laminated banners are not sustainable. So use digital channels to approach your target group wherever possible.

Placement of equipment, objects and/or pavement boards

  1. Permission from the Facility Service Desk is required for the placement of equipment and/or use of objects.
  2. The application must contain a full description of the equipment and/or object, including a photo and, if possible, a plan.
  3. The maximum permitted measurements, length x width are 2.00 x 2.00 m. The height of the equipment/object will be discussed on a case by case basis.
  4. All equipment and/or objects must have Health & Safety approval. An employee of the rental company must always be present if there are any possible risks for users or by-standers.
  5. Inflatable equipment may exclusively be placed on the lawn near the Zwijsen building. If there is a strong wind (wind force 5 Beaufort or higher), the equipment must be deflated.
  6. The Facility Service Desk can provide pavement boards-store stoppers for poster material.
  7. The following are not permitted:
    • Use of balloons;
    • Fair attractions;
    • Use of animals;
    • Covering of the grounds with plastic sheets and/or other material;
    • Painting and/or sticking materials on the paving;
    • Equipment involving the use of lubricating oil and/or other pollutants;
    • Caravans;
    • Permission to use cars and buses must be requested separately;
    • Clean graffiti (high-pressure spray cleaning of part of the grounds using stencils to leave a visible impression on the surface).

Charitable causes, politics and religion

  1. Except with prior permission from the Executive Board of Tilburg University or its delegate, it is not permitted to advertise:
    • Charitable causes;
    • Political parties;
    • Religions and/or creeds.
  2. Requests to deviate from this arrangement must be directed by the board in writing to the Executive Board of Tilburg University.

Commercial activities

Commercial activities by persons, businesses and institutions that are not connected to the university are not permitted.


In the week of the Elections for Student Representative Bodies, certain items from the House Rules for Promotional Activities are temporarily adjusted. These items are set out in the House Rules for Promotional Activities – Elections and are assessed in advance on the basis of the event/action that a student party wants to organize. The exact dates for this period are laid down by the voting office of Tilburg University.


Facility Service Desk via facilityservicedesk@tilburguniversity.edu or Phone Number: (013-466) 3700.