Understanding Society

Tilburg University is convinced that it can contribute to solving social issues by developing and transferring knowledge and bringing together people from various disciplines and organizations.

Unacceptable Behavior

Tilburg University wants to provide a safe social environment for visitors, students, and employees, i.e., create a culture in which respect for one another is central, and visitors, students, and employees can maximally develop their capacities. Unacceptable behavior, which includes sexual harassment, bullying, aggression, violence, and discrimination, can create a hostile, intimidating, or unpleasant work or study environment and may adversely affect work or study performance.

The university wants to prevent unacceptable behavior and deal with complaints about unacceptable behavior appropriately. To that end, the Tilburg University Unacceptable Behavior Complaints Regulations have been adopted and confidential advisors have been appointed to offer initial assistance to those who have been or are being confronted with unacceptable behavior. In the event of (suspected) unacceptable behavior, the Executive Board can take appropriate action. Sanctions imposed may vary from a reprimand to dismissal, expulsion from the program, or a campus ban.

It is important to tackle undesirable behavior. Each employee, student, and visitor is expected to make an active contribution, not only in relation to his/her own behavior, but also by adopting an alert attitude to all forms of unacceptable behavior. In order to stop unacceptable behavior, it is important to identify and expose it.

If you are confronted with unacceptable behavior, first try and get in touch with the person whose behavior you have a problem with to try to find a satisfactory solution together. If this does not work, or if you do not feel comfortable about contacting this person, you can ask for help. If you are a student, you can, for example, talk to an education coordinator, or student counselor. If you are an employee, please speak to your supervisor or the next person in the chain of command or to your HR advisor. The special situation and confidentiality of complaints about unacceptable behavior may require that you directly approach the confidential advisor.

During the formal investigation into the unacceptable behavior of a particular person, you can request the Executive Board to take a temporary measure, for example, that you do not need to do an examination in the presence of the person about whom you have complained. A visitor who has been harassed and who cannot invoke the Tilburg University Unacceptable Behavior Complaints Regulations can turn to the police or contact the Executive Board.