Tilburg University: Fair & Green

Tilburg University is committed to a sustainable society and encourages researchers, teachers, support staff, students, and stakeholders to actively contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Community involvement and development

CSR groenonderhoud

Work experience at the university for people who are at a disadvantage on the labor market

Tilburg University offers opportunities to people who are at a disadvantage on the labor market to gain work experience and to thus participate in the community. In turn, their contributions strengthen the services on our campus.

Our agreements

  • The university has agreements with the matching unit for unemployed people of the Tilburg municipality.
  • There are agreements with the work placement company (jobs for people with functional limitations).

What we have achieved

Since 2010, around 60 people without jobs have been given an opportunity to gain work experience for a period of six months. Four people from Diamant-groep are currently working on campus as service or transport assistants.

What we are doing

  • From 2010, the university has been coordinating work experience placements together with the matching unit of the Tilburg municipality, as part of an initiative organized by the research institute ReflecT. This program enables people without a job to gain work experience e.g.,  staffing a reception desk at one of the university buildings. The reception teams consist of people from varying backgrounds as this ensures they work as independently as possible while also learning from each other. In 2014, the reception desk at the Academia building is staffed by a team of five individuals who were also available to perform other tasks upon request. The Reflect program also provides scope for finding paid employment.
  • The university acts as a work placement company for training programs in the security sector and printing industry. 
  • We also offer internships and part-time jobs for students to gain experience.

Further information

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Enactus: community empowerment projects around the globe

Enactus is an international non-profit organization that creates value for people in need by forming and implementing community empowerment projects around the globe.

Some of the projects of the Tilburg University Enactus team that you may be familiar with are Save a Bike and CupsUp.

The team also operates overseas through their international projects called Nour and Futuro Kolorido, the latter focusing on youth unemployment in Curaçao. Enactus set up a recycling business that transforms the huge amount of waste on the island into things like furniture.

For more information on Enactus Tilburg University and its projects, visit the website www.enactustilburg.nl

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