Tilburg University: Fair & Green

Tilburg University is committed to a sustainable society and encourages researchers, teachers, support staff, students, and stakeholders to actively contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Papier in kast

Tilburg University is dedicated to the use of sustainable products and services. Our ambition is to ensure at least 50% of our purchases are sustainable. Staff work in accordance with the university’s tendering and purchasing rules by establishing sustainability criteria for their own tenders.

Our agreements

Tilburg University has laid down its ambitions in the Sustainable Purchasing Covenant (in Dutch) concluded between the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment and the higher education sector in 2008. Under this agreement, purchases are made in accordance with the sustainability criteria of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), at least in so far as this is necessary to fulfill the university’s targets in respect of sustainable purchasing.

What we have achieved

During the last few years, the RVO’s minimum sustainability criteria have been incorporated into all purchasing processes for which requirements have been established. This has achieved a sustainable purchasing rate far exceeding the targeted 50%. In fact, in most years it was even 100%!

What we are doing

On top of the RVO’s minimum sustainability criteria, the university also assesses whether there are any additional sustainability gains to be made in all purchasing processes.
The purchasing department advises staff members on procedures relating to tenders and purchases.

Results achieved so far include the purchasing of uniforms from a company affiliated with the Fair Wear Foundation, and the purchasing of copying paper, waste processing services, sanitary paper, and carpeting.

Further information

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