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EU protection works for wolf, bear and lynx

In the EU Habitats Directive it is established that big predators such as the bear, wolf and lynx are protected and, when they show up, should be welcome in the Netherlands. But the legal framework has not been adjusted to this new reality, says Arie Trouwborst, Associate Professor of Environmental Law at Tilburg Law School.

In Europe we can compare EU members with non EU members; in Switzerland and Norway the population of wolves is very small, in contrast with the growth in EU member states. Apparently, the Habitats Directive is working.

VIDI research

With a VIDI subsidy of NWO Trouwborst and his team try to find the bottlenecks in European law and international regulations regarding the protection and management of big predators in Europe.

A big problem concerns the fact that almost all European large carnivore populations extend across borders of two or more countries. Whereas coordinating conservation and management efforts at the level of each transboundary population would thus make sense from a biological and conservation viewpoint, the legal framework is not yet adjusted to this approach.