Understanding Society

Tilburg University is convinced that it can contribute to solving social issues by developing and transferring knowledge and bringing together people from various disciplines and organizations.

Members University Council

The members of the University Council are elected by and from the Tilburg University students and the employees. Students sit on the Council for one year, staff for two years.

At present, 5 parties have seats on the University Council. These are the Onafhankelijken staff party (5 seats), TiU-International (3 seats), the SAM student party (4 seats) and the FRONT student party (5 seats).

As from 1 September 2016, the composition of the University Council is as follows:

Rien Wijnhoven, chair University Council

Rien Wijnhoven

Rien Wijnhoven is chair of the university council as from 14 February 2014.

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Yvonne Alofs, Onafhankelijken

image yvonne alofs

As an employee of Tilburg University, I thoroughly enjoy the campus dynamics: the liveliness and energy of students, the analytical perspectives and ideas of academics, and the enthusiastic support of a diverse group of support staff. I do believe in the strength of working together. This is why I feel I could bring a lot to the University Council. The University Board governs our university precise and with care, but from another perspective than that of an employee or student. As a member of the University Council I aim to bring a constructive and critical sound on behalf of all employees. After four years of taking seat in the Faculty Council of TSB, I have now been a member of the University Council since September 2015. 

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Hans Haans, Onafhankelijken


I have worked at Tilburg University for over 13 years. In those 13 years I have always been involved in the goings on with the university. For example, in addition to my main tasks of teaching and doing research I have been a member of the TiSEM Education Committee, I have served as Academic Director, and I am still active as a member of the Examination Appeal Board and the Advisory Committee for Objections and Notices of Appeal. For me it is a logical next step to run for the University Council.

The reason I am on the list for the Independents, is that I feel that the university should be a place where everyone can work or study contentedly, not only now, but in the future as well. The University Council enables me to contribute to decisions about the future of our university in a number of areas, from financial health to matters concerning education and research. My main goal is to serve as a sounding board for staff.

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Loes Jongen, Onafhankelijken

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Mirjam Siesling, Onafhankelijken

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Sebastiaan Vermeulen, Onafhankelijken

Sebastiaan Vermeulen, fractie Onafhankelijken

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Anne de Vries, Onafhankelijken

Within the Independents, I would like to contribute to thorough decision-making. I find it of the utmost importance that the quality of university services is not negatively affected by short-term cuts and performance pressure. Being a PhD candidate myself, I aspire to give PhDs a voice within the Council and to contribute to a broad and academic sound. Other topics that I aim to focus on are (amongst other things): a focus on high quality education, improved career possibilities for teachers, and a sustainable campus.

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Koen van Aeken, TiU International

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Korine Bor, TiU International

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Tobias Klein, TiU International

Tobias Klein, TiU Interntional

I am a representative of TiU International. All members of our party share the idea that involving both, Dutch-speaking and international employees in the decision making will benefit our university.

Our thinking is guided by two goals, achieving excellence in research and excellence in teaching. We believe that this is not only in the interest of faculty and Ph.D. students, but also and in particular the supporting staff.

More information on our party, including our program, can be found on our website. You can also follow us on Facebook.

See www.tobiasklein.ws for more information on Tobias Klein.

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Lieke van den Dungen, Front

Lieke van den Dungen Front

My name is Lieke van den Dungen, fourth year bachelor student Organization Studies. Furthermore, I am also an active member of Study Association POLIS. Last year, I had the honour to fulfill the position of chairman of this association. This year, I have a seat in the university council on behalf of Student Party Front. From this position, I look after the interests of the students together with the other members of our Student Party. As the General Director of Student Party Front, I take place in the Finance and Infrastructure committee.  

I think it is very important that the opinions of students are taken into account. Their input is important. If you have ideas which you would like to share or if you would like to have more information about the student participation, do not hesitate to contact me to share your ideas, questions or remarks!

You are always welcome to stop by at our office on the second floor of the Esplanada building (E.209) or send an e-mail to info@fractiefront.nl.

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Frank van Leeuwen, Front

Frank van Leeuwen Front

My name is Frank van Leeuwen, I am 21 years old and last year I finished my bachelor Public Administration. From the beginning on, I have been an active member of study association Magister JFT. Besides that, I am very active as a member of many associations in sport and youth work. This year, I will be the chairman of student party Front.

I am very interested in politics, government and student participation. That is the reason why I chose to represent all the students of Tilburg University as member of the university council. Why did I choose Front? Because Front uses a clear structure, based on three pillars: internationalization, communication and the active student. This clear structure makes it possible to work effective and efficient, and in my opinion that is exactly what you need as a student party to reach your goals.

We are there for you! Do you have any questions, comments or ideas? Send an e-mail to info@fractiefront.nl or maybe better: stop by in our office, room E.209. Our door is always open!

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Rutger Maas, Front

Rutger Maas Front

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Rutger Maas, 22 years old and a public administration student. This year I will be the vice-chairman of Student Party Front. On behalf of Student Party Front I will be seated in the committee Education, Research & valorization. 

In my opinion it is important that Tilburg University offers their students enough space, time and abilities to develop their self. This is also in line with the motto of Tilburg University, ‘Understanding Society’.

Do you have any questions, comments or ideas? Send an e-mail to info@fractiefront.nl or stop by in our office, room E.209. Our door is always open!

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Elbrich Meijering, Front

Elbrich Meijering Front

My name is Elbrich Meijering. Last December I received my bachelors diploma in Organization Sciences. After I graduated I worked at an educational institution at the education quality department. Besides a member of the executive committee I am an active member of T.S.V. Plato.

I am also an member of the committee Education, Research & Valorisatie and chair of the Finance and Infrastructure committee. This year I will do my best to assure that Tilburg University will live by its’ student centric approach. With the three pillars (active student, internationalization and communication) in the back of our heads we will look after your interests the best we can!

Still not satisfied or do you have amazing ideas? Let us know! Step by our office (E209) or send an e-mail to info@fractiefront.nl!

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Janne Wijdeven, Front

Janne Wijdeven Front

My name is Janne Wijdeven, and I recently received my bachelors’ degree in Philosophy. Furthermore, I am an active member at TSV Plato and I participated in the 2-year Outreaching Honors Program. This year, I represent students in the University Council at Student Party Front.

Student Party Front actively represents your interests in the Council. We focus on three pillars: internationalization, communication and the active student. Besides, we think that it is important that all students feel welcome on the campus. As Commissioner Internal Affairs I am the link between Student Party Front and our new Student Participation Association Front. Student Participation Association is a place where students can actively give their input on important documents of the University Council. Thanks to our Student Participation, Student Party Front is close to the students. This way, we can represent you as effective and adequately as possible.

If you have questions about Student Participation Association Front, or about the university in general? Or do you have points of improvement, remarks or ideas? Step by our room (E209) or send an email to info@fractiefront.nl.

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Jeroen Aben, SAM

Jeroen Aben, fractie SAM

My name is Jeroen Aben, I am 21 years old and I am a fourth year student Internatinal Business Administration. Beside my studies I am an active member of T.S.R. Vidar and in 2012 I started a fraternity. Since 2014 I started providing consultancy to start-up companies. Furthermore, I spent a semester last year at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Next year I would like to commit myself to realize a sport canteen for all major sport associations at Tilburg University. This facility is currently lacking at the sport fields. I find it important that students find interaction and social contact within their favorite sport.

Furthermore I want to be an active member of the Council and an accessible person for all students. Students can always find me in E2.06 for questions and problems. Sending an email is also possible, to info@fractiesam.nl or to me personally at vicevoorzitter@fractiesam.nl.

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Anneloes van Delft, SAM

Anneloes van Delft, fractie SAM

My name is Anneloes van Delft, I am 20 years old and currently studying Liberal Arts and Sciences. Next to my studies I am an active member of the student association T.S.V. Plato and have been an active member of the study association Extra Muros and Enactus Tilburg. This year, I will take seat in the university council on behalf of Student Party SAM. Within Student Party SAM, my function is External Affairs Officer; I will be the first point of contact for students, student-boards and parties from other cities and universities. Furthermore, on behalf of Student Party SAM, I will participate in the committee Education & Research within Tilburg University.

This year, I want to improve the university’s study-environment. In my opinion, it is very meaningful for students to participate in extracurricular activities. Students are in a great position to use their knowledge and passion in order to make a positive contribution to society. By active involvement, students can also gain relevant skills that will enhance their employment opportunities. In order to achieve this, it is essential that Tilburg University offers their students more freedom concerning the structure of their degree.

Furthermore, the quality of the study-environment strongly depends on the atmosphere on campus. Tilburg University is home to a considerable amount of international students these days and this number is still growing. Since the university’s campus is very diverse it is important to create a tolerant environment where the international community is represented as well. This year I want to commit myself to this purpose.

Student Party SAM will happily welcome all your input. So, do you have ideas, questions, or complaints? Send us an e-mail at info@fractiesam.nl or come by our office at E 2.06!

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Romy van Limpt, SAM

Romy van Limpt, fractie SAM

I’m Romy van Limpt, 22 years old and currently a masterstudent in Dutch Law.

From the moment I started my bachelor study in Dutch Law, I became an active member of the student association T.S.R. Vidar. It was a specific and clear choice to combine rowing next to my study. Apart from rowing I was also involved in several commissions, had a study related part-time job and was an active member at Magister JFT.

In my opinion students need to have the opportunity to, besides their study, develop themselves. I believe that this is also a task for TIlburg Univerity to facilitate and support these opportunities. Without their support I could have never had the opportunity to combine rowing with my study.

Therefore I believe that each and every student of our university should have the possibility to develop themselves on different levels next to having access to high quality education.

This year I would like to make the difference within the Universitycouncil by creating an environment within the university where students get motivated to chase their dreams and ambitions.

Do you have any issues or suggestions? We are happy with all your input! You can contact us at info@fractiesam.nl or find us at room E 2.06!

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Yara Muller, SAM

Yara Muller, fractie SAM

My name is Yara Muller and I’m 22 years old. Last year I got my Bachelor degree in Business 2 Administration. This year I decided to completely focus on the University Council and my board year at Student Party SAM. Besides my studies, I am an active member of student association Vidar and I am co-founding a sorority.

As an ambitious student, I think it is important that everyone gets the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities. I would like to take the digitalization of education to a higher level next year to achieve this. Since technology has gained importance, some faculties started using video lectures. However, many faculties still don’t and I would like to change that. Developing the Digital Platform will provide more flexibility in the course schedule of students, giving students the opportunity to create a study program adapted to their needs.

Within the context of flexibilization my aim is to achieve the possibility to pay per course at Tilburg University. When courses are used flexible, students will have more spare time for extracurricular activities. Alongside the extra spare time for students, this system ensures that students can save a considerable amount of money.

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Thijs Pieters, secretary University Council

Foto Uraad - Thijs Pieters

My name is Thijs Pieters. As of 2007 I am working for the Office of the University Council.

I support the council and committees as a secretary and coordinate the yearly elections. In addition, I work for the ‘Lokaal Overleg’ of the unions.

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Jody van Beeten, secretary University Council

Jody van Beeten, secretaris Universiteitsraad

My name is Jody van Beeten. As of 2016 I am working for the Office of the University Council.

I mainly focus on writing advices coming from the committees and minutes of the committees. In addition, I organize trainings for the members of the council and I pick up activities that are needed for the council to fully operate.

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