University Library

A collection with over 800,000 books, journals, illustrations, early works and manuscripts. The combination with a voluminous collection of e-books and e-journals provides a treasure of scholarly information.

Education Support university library

The university library supports students and academic staff in the process of searching and using scholarly information. Information literacy is the term used for the process of acquiring the skills, attitudes and values for effectively navigating and using the information landscape. Education Support (part of Library and IT Services) supports education of Tilburg University in the field of information literacy through:

  • Development of training programs and providing training.
  • Advice and support on the integration of information literacy in education (e.g. by implementation of learning routes in the curriculum).
  • Development of (digital) course materials.

Moreover, Education Support provides services in the area of teaching, learning and the use of ICT in education  (e-learning).