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Carlijn Kerkers

Tilburg University does not pave the path for its students, but gives them the freedom and opportunity to develop themselves - that is very valuable"

Why did you choose this program? Why Tilburg University?

“The program International Business Administration very much appealed to me. After my high school graduation I wanted to enroll in a business program, but I did not know in what direction I wanted to specialize (Finance, Marketing). This program is broad in its courses and very international; it’s interesting to get in touch with all kinds of different cultures. Also, the campus and the “Brabantse Hospitality” appealed to me.”

What has surprised you so far in your study program?

“The fact that different cultures still share so many common traits really surprised me. I thought that the differences would be bigger, but there is more similarity than I expected.”

What gives you inspiration, which person inspires you and why?

“I can really admire a creative and refreshing marketing campaign. That gives me inspiration during my study. For example the AXE deodorant campaign was very different from what we were used to and really appealed to the target group. Also the current ‘don’t text and drive’ campaigns are shocking but recognizable and therefore very effective.”

What’s the best advice you’ve been given and who gave it to you?

“My parents are constantly encouraging me to make my own decisions and go for it. They are confident that I will find my place and end up well. It feels great to have their support.”

What do you think your future will have to look like in order to fulfill your ambitions?

“I hope to find an interesting graduate internship at a company, and a traineeship after graduation. It will be exciting and informative to get experience in different disciplines and processes.”

How do you think contacts gained at Tilburg University can help you?

“Since the campus is relatively small, it’s easy to get to know a lot of different people. Fellow students and young alumni working at companies are already giving me ‘tips and tricks’. Also because of social media and the alumni network, I am confident we will keep in contact with each other.”

What can Tilburg University do to help you realize your ambitions?

“Tilburg University does not pave the path for its students, but gives them the freedom and opportunity to develop themselves – that is very valuable. Besides, the university’s contacts with businesses and alumni are important and help me and other students to realize our ambitions.”