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Back to Campus: Data Science

On 8 October 2015 Tilburg University organized an alumni event on Data Science.

The creation, availability and use of data and information increasingly determine opportunities and risks for our society. Tilburg University contributes to research and education in the area of big data from the opinion that optimal and careful use of the innovative potential of big data requires a cross-disciplinary approach.

Our experts are engaged in interdisciplinary research on the many facets of big data, pursuing the motto Understanding Society.

The lectures were given by Professor Corien Prins; Professor Bart Bronnenberg and alumni Geoffrey van Meer Manager Consumer Intelligence at RTL Nederland and Alexander van Eerden, Founder and CEO at Building Blocks.

Big Data: Socially Responsible Data Use is a Must by Professor Corien Prins and alumnus Alexander van Eerden

From societal and economic perspectives using Big Data continuously forces a balancing of interests. For example innovation versus privacy; data quality versus speed; controlled systems versus professional autonomy in decision making. Big Data and the Internet of Things offer opportunities but also increase vulnerability, yet nobody feels responsible for fundamental values and interests involved. This has consequences for solidarity, identity and freedom. In her lecture Corien Prins will explain the meaning of and emphasize the importance of Socially Responsible Data Use. Alexander van Eerden will share his view and experience on this topic from a practical point of view.

Big Data: An Opportunity to Better Serve Consumers by Professor Bart Bronnenberg

Customer recognition, geo-tagging, and behavioral targeting are a few among many big data applications that offer interesting yet also controversial opportunities for marketeers to serve customers better, for instance by lowering their cost of transactions and product search. Using modern retailing as a context, Bart Bronnenberg discusses the impact of various IT enabled business practices on consumers, firms, and society. A central question in the debate on social desirability is whether "Big Data" ultimately leads to market transparency or just the opposite, market manipulation. 

Media Data Intelligence by alumnus Geoffrey van Meer

Developments in media are moving fast. Watching TV occurs increasingly non-linear at a time that suits the viewer. Using online video services like Netflix and Videoland is common practice.  At media- and entertainment company RTL Nederland data intelligence plays an important role. In his presentation ‘Media Data Intelligence’ RTL’s Manager Consumer Intelligence Geoffrey van Meer shares examples of data science contributing to (digital) developments at RTL and talks about opportunities the future holds.

6:15 PM Registration and networking - Soup & Sandwiches
7:00 PM Opening by Rector Magnificus and chairman of the event Professor Emile Aarts
7:10 PM Lectures by Professors Corien Prins and Bart Bronnenberg and alumni Geoffrey van Meer and Alexander van Eerden
8:45 PM Closing
9:00 PM Drinks and Networking

When: 08 October 2015 00:00

Price: free