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  • 26 Apr 201814:45

    Visual Thinking Strategies: Meningen en feiten in de rechtszaal *
    How best to deal with complex situations? Close observation, critical thinking, and presenting a well-argued point of view are skills that you can use to good effect throughout your life. The series of four Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) seminars offered by Academic Forum enable you to practice these skills. On April 26, the perspective is that of law. In this second seminar of four, the focus is on the role of opinions and facts in the courtroom, with the aim of reducing tunnel vision and bias among (future) lawyers and judges. (language: Dutch) Read more

  • 08 May 201820:00

    Science Café: Weerstand tegen infecties *
    Our immune system protects us against all kinds of infections. Mihai Netea (Radboudumc Nijmegen) explains how he tries to evolve immune cells to protect us even more effectively against dangerous diseases. This evening, he will explain how he trains immune cells to do an even better job. (language: Dutch) Read more

  • 17 May 201814:45

    Who’s afraid of Art – Cosplay *
    This edition of Who's Afraid of Art? is about Cosplay and psychology: everything you have always wanted to know about Cosplay and body language, to reinforce the effect of your Cosplay outfit or as a useful tool during, for instance, an application interview. One of the speakers is the famous Dutch cosplayer Pretzl Cosplay. She will tell extensively about her experiences. (language: English) Read more

  • 31 May 201813:00

    Behavioral Influence *
    Is being influenced bad? Indeed there are cases where being influenced is bad. See the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal. But there are just as many cases where being influenced is helpful. For instance in nudging ethical consumer behavior Is it hard to recognize what is influencing us? In what way can social influence bring about positive change? Can technology be helpful in persuasion? Or is it just manipulative? (language: English) Read more

  • 05 Jun 201813:00

    All you need to know about… Arabic Language *
    No language more beautiful than Arabic! Arabist Jan Jaap de Ruiter will explain and convince you why. (language: English) Read more

  • 12 Jun 201820:15

    Science Café XL met Damiaan Denys over (ab)normaliteit *
    Prime-Minister Rutte once urged Geert Wilders to ‘act normal.’ Election programs are written for ‘normal Dutch people.’ There is a lot of attention these days for what is normal. But what actually is ‘normal’ if you get down to it? Children suffering from depression are abnormal. Children looking at screens five hours a day are considered normal. Where is the dividing line between normal and abnormal? How do you determine who is normal and who is not? Psychiatrist and philosopher Damiaan Denys provides clarity on this in this XL edition of Tilburg Science Café. (language: Dutch) Read more

  • 04 Oct 2018

    Night University 2018
    Night University is thé festival on the campus of Tilburg University. During this fun event on October 4, the university brings science and society together because science is for everyone! Read more

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Academic Forum organizes symposia, debates and small-scale exchanges focusing on scientific, social and ideological issues. The themes of these gatherings are related to four domains: 'Ethics of science', 'Reflection on life', 'Science & society' and 'Cultural diversity'. Exchanging knowledge, sharing perspectives, questioning and challenging each other, lead us to better and new knowledge. As a university with Understanding Society as its motto, the debate with staff, students and society is essential.

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