Academic Forum

Expand your horizons, take time to reflect


The activities of Academic Forum are based on four domains:

Ethics of science

Academic Forum wants to be a place where the ethics of science are studied in greater depth: contemplation of moral issues, value questions and ethical dilemmas in science. The breeding ground for this domain is the Christian humanist tradition of the European culture in which Tilburg University has its roots. An important question for the university community in this context is: 'What binds us?' At meetings, consideration is also given to matters such as the written and unwritten rules of a particular area of science, to integrity and science and to the appreciation of the scientist. The 'Values in Science' project and the Rosep meetings are the pillars carrying this domain.

Reflection on life

Academic Forum contributes to the university's efforts to create a learning and working environment in which people feel at home. An environment that offers space for reflection and for contemplating major personal concerns. In this way, we want to mould students into people who know who they are, what they stand for and what drives them. After all, this is what society demands from budding young professionals. Anyone who is looking for a time-out from the pressures of studies, work and social contacts for matters such as relationships, family, fulfillment, interests or identity will be more than welcome to our various meetings at the interface of science and personal concerns.

Science & society

Through interdisciplinary programs, publications and media moments, Academic Forum makes knowledge available to the general public. This is in line with Tilburg University's efforts to build a bridge to society and exploit knowledge. With our programs, we want to interpret current social themes and questions and provide answers. In recent years we not only built up the necessary expertise and an extensive network but also established close collaborative contacts, both within the university (often with study and student associations) and outside it - in the city and the region. Thus, we contribute for example to the 'Tilburg Student City' initiative and are the (joint) organizers of 'Philosophy Day' and the 'Heartbeat Café'.

Cultural diversity

Another of Academic Forum's objectives is to capitalize on the increasing diversity at the university in cultural terms. This is based on the belief that encountering other values, cultures and religions plays a crucial part in academic training. This capitalization is done in a variety of ways, for example via the news program 'Meet the World', through the Night University and through involvement in study trips made by students. Through collaboration with students with a non-Western background in culturally diverse programs. By stimulating, organizing and supporting cultural and artistic activities and expressions on campus. By contributing to cultural-aesthetic education. By organizing the Campus Poet competition. And by staging commemorative events, such as the Annual Holocaust Memorial Day.

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