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Poetry Party & Campus Poet Election 2016

Come to the Poetry Party on campus, on the Dutch National Poetry Day 28th of January. To celebrate the election of a new Campus Poet for 2016, there is a little party with music and performances! The deadline for submitting poems has expired, but you can listen to the poetry of the students and employees of Tilburg University who have joined the competition, and get to vote who should become the new campus poet.

Program Information
Date January 28
Time 17:00- 18:30 hrs
Location Tilbury 2
Entry free
Contact Ingemarie Sam

Election Campus poet 2016

Right now, the deadline for submissions for the campus poet election has expired (dated 15 Jan. 2016), and the jury is nominating the candidates for the new Campus Poet 2016 election. Every year, talented students and staff battle for this coveted title. The election of a campus poet offers a platform to new literary talent at Tilburg University. The Campus poet contributes to the livelihood on campus and in making culture at Tilburg University accessible. Various students and employees have won the title by poetically expressing themselves over the previous years about campus life, education and science, current affairs, daily matters, emotions and life in general.

The poems are printed in Univers on multiple occasions during the year and performed live during several events of Academic Forum and Corporate Events like Night University. Besides that, you will also be awarded with a 500 euro subsidy for your efforts as a Campus Poet during the year 2016.

You get to vote who wins at the Poetry party!

During the Poetry Party on January 28th all nominees for the election of Campus Poet get the opportunity to recite their work, after which the Campus Poet 2016 will be elected. Come and cheer on the contestants and vote for your favourite! The Poetry Party's admission is free, everybody can come to support the participants. Also, Chiara Raucea, Campus Poet 2015, will give a farewell speech and there will be a musical performance from singer/songwriter Iris Penning.

For more information in general, see also: Campus poet.

When: 28 January 2016 17:00

End date: 28 January 2016 18:30