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The Last Lecture: Andrew Cartwright

Creative Epiphanies: what I am supposed to be doing? ‘It would be all too easy to state that what I do as a teacher is useful to society, whereas my art and poetry is essentially useless. It is a rhetorical position I would rather avoid, in favour of an earnest plea for the value of literature’.

Program information
Date Tuesday May 24, 2016
Time 16:30- 18:00 hrs.
Location Black Box, Esplanade Building
Admission free
Guest Andrew Cartwright
Organisation Extra Muros-Last Lecture Committee , Academic Forum.
Contact Luc Jeurissen

Living Proof

‘Unsurprisingly, such pleas have been offered before and will be again. My take on the matter will be personal. I will bare my soul as reader and writer whilst adopting a more intuitive brand of eccentricity to get across what I have to say. My ‘last lecture’ will be anecdotal and eclectic; it will centre around those 2 or 3 ecstatic epiphanies of reading and seeing, those moments when my heart opened and I knew what I stood for as a writer, and what kind of ‘uselessness’ I was supposed to be engaged in. Message for the audience? It’s not useless, none of it, and I am living proof of that’.

Andrew Cartwright

Andrew Cartwright (1966, Nottingham) teaches English at Tilburg University Language Center. He is also a poet and artist who has taken part in numerous projects, exhibitions and performances in the Netherlands and the UK including Six Poets, Some Mild Peril, Kunstmaan Revue, Project Baksteen, L’Avventura Stadswandeling, and TiLT literary festival. Nine of his paintings are on permanent show in the Academia Building, UvT, and his site-specific graffiti can be viewed on the ceiling of Sandwich Café Kras II in Tilburg. He has published two collections of poetry in Dutch and English: ‘een half-pipe voor een mier’ (2011, Univers) and ‘The Trent Dutchie Translations’ (2015, Uitgeverij Geroosterde Hond) and is one of the editors of literary magazine De Titaan. Cartwright is married and has three children. He has lived in Tilburg for nearly 20 years.

The last lecture

A 'last lecture' is a lecture in which a professor lectures a group of students as if it was her last lecture. The professor answers questions like 'What would you try to impart to the world if you knew it was your last chance?' or 'If this were your last time to address a group of students, what would you say?'.

This Last Lecture is organized by Academic Forum, with the corporation of Extra Muros-Last Lecture Committee.

When: 24 May 2016 16:30

End date: 24 May 2016 18:00