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Who’s afraid of Art – Tango-tools for effective leadership *

Program in the 'Who's afraid of Art?' series. This afternoon’s theme is the tension between managing and following and how the art of dance may help. (language: English)

Program information
Date Thursday 20 October, 2016
Time 13:45 - 16:45 hrs
Location Blackbox, Esplanade Building
Admission 3 euros for students and staff of Tilburg University. Registration required by the registration form. Number of places available is limited. Interested parties from outside Tilburg University can participate, if enough free places are available, at a cost of 5 euro: sign in
Guests Renée de Reuver and Dorine Lustig
Contact Ingemarie Sam
Organisation Academic Forum (Tilburg University)
*Certificate This activity may count towards the Certificate Academic Forum

So you think you can tango?

The tension between leading and following and how the Argentinian Tango can help you: you will experience this during this study afternoon in the series of Who’s afraid of Art?

Lecture ‘Leadership in organisations'

Director of education Human Resources dr. Renee de Reuver will start the afternoon by a lecture about management theories about leadership in organisations. After that, we will go on the floor to experience personally how to manage leading the other or to follow. What is easy and what is problematic about that?

Workshop Argentinian tango

In this workshop of TangoToolsTraining we will use the Argentinian tango to get a closer look at our way of communicating. In contrast to the ballroom tango, the Argentinian tango is based on improvisation. There are no fixed patterns, only steps that can be combined in infinite ways. The leader initiates, the follower reacts, and in order to be able to dance together, both dance partners have to communicate with each other very well.

We will play with these leading and following principles in order to discover how you take the lead without being a ‘bitch’ or how you will earn respect by your superior. Also very suitablefor the ones among you who think that you cannot dance!  


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Who’s afraid of Art is an Academic Forum initiative in collaboration with study associations Animo and Complex.

When: 20 October 2016 13:45

End date: 20 October 2016 16:45