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Who’s afraid of Art – Virtual Reality *

Experience virtual reality in the DAF Technology Lab on our campus in this edition of “Who's Afraid of Art?”! Get to know more about virtual reality in popular culture and about the socio-psychological processes in your brain. The number of participants is limited. Tilburg University students and staff have priority. (language: English)

Program information
Date Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Time 14:45 - 17:30
Location DZ 4, Dante Building,Tilburg University
Admission We are sorry to disappoint you! This program is fully booked, there are no more places available.
Speakers Lisa Rombout, Carolien Teunisse, Maarten Horden/DAFlab
Contact Ingemarie Sam
Organisation Academic Forum (Tilburg University) in cooperation with study associations Animo and Complex.
*Certificate This activity may count towards the Certificate Academic Forum

Experiencing Virtual Reality

Are you interested in Virtual Reality? On May 30, you can learn more about this phenomenon during a full afternoon’s program on “Who's Afraid of Art?: Virtual Reality”. The afternoon starts with a lecture by social psychologist Lisa Rombout, who will explain what happens in your brain during a virtual reality experience. You can then experience Virtual Reality first hand in the Virtual Reality Lab in the Dante Building. And Carolien Teunisse, artist and researcher, will show us how to create your own VR cardboard glasses with your smartphone. Finally, we will discuss Virtual Reality from a culture studies perspective.

More on Virtual Reality: see 'Experiencing Virtual Reality: DAF Technology Lab'.

Lisa Rombout: What happens in your brain during a VR experience?

Lisa E. Rombout is a PhD researcher in cognitive science and artificial intelligence at the Tilburg University Department of Information and Communication Sciences. Her research focuses on social embodiment in virtual reality. Virtual, augmented, and hybrid reality techniques provide us with many new research possibilities, for instance, in psychology, neuroscience, and sociology. VR allows the researcher to place people in different, even non-humanoid bodies, create novel environments and training situations, and study controlled social interaction with virtual avatars. Rombout will give a broad overview of the different approaches and interesting findings in this field in the last 40 years.

Carolien Teunisse: Getting to know VR

In this workshop, Carolien Teunisse, artist and researcher, will show how she uses Virtual Reality technology and research to make art installations. We will experience one of her art works with VR cardboard glasses. You will need your smartphone for this, so make sure you have it with you, fully charged!

'Who’s afraid of Art?' is an Academic Forum initiative in cooperation with study associations Animo and Complex.

When: 30 May 2017 14:45

End date: 30 May 2017 17:30