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Academic Forum Certificate 2016-2017

Do you want your CV to show how you foster your broad academic curiosity? Convince your future employer of your interest in current themes, surprising perspectives, and in-depth analysis with the Academic Forum Certificate 2016-2017!

Certificaat Academic Forum


  • Register on the registration form your name, student number (ANR) and study program;
  • Attend at least five selected Academic Forum events (marked with an *) within one academic year;
  • Show your University card at the entrance before every event that you attend. You are expected to participate in the entire event;
  • For each of those five events, write a short text (130-170 words) on what you have learned from the program. The complete report needs to be handed in on July 1, 2017, at the latest via, stating ‘AF certificate report’. The report has to be formulated in your own words. Cribbing and copied text will not be accepted;

The certificate is free, and so are the events, with a few exceptions.

Academic Forum agenda

Upcoming events which may count towards the Academic Forum Certificate: see the Agenda (events marked with *) !

The agenda is updated continuously: check it on a regular basis, or subscribe to our bilingual newsletter!