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Meet the world

Meet the World is a monthly international 45-minute news program during lunch time, held at the Esplanade Building (Black Box). During these sessions, a panel will discuss current day topics. The panel consists of students and experts from various backgrounds and cultures to stimulate the discussion from different perspectives. The audience can freely mingle with the discussion to broaden everyone's view on the current day topics. Meet the World is an initiative by the Academic Forum and is being supported by Extra Muros, the study association of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Towards an international campus

This initiative creates an international community on our campus in which international and national students connect and discuss the world we live in, talk about the complex issues in present-day society and bring different points of view on the subject matter.

Earlier editions

Some examples of recent themes addressed at Meet the world are religion today, drugs, european perspectives, world citizens, elections in the USA .

'Meet the World' is the place where students and experts Exchange, Debate, Go beyond, Think deep, Think different.

This program is an initiative of Academic Forum. Contact: Judith Schiks.