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Commemoration culture

Academic Forum organizes various recurrent programs on the theme of (civil) wars and conflicts in history. By commemorating these events, it wants to draw attention to the victims and encourage people to think about societies, racial conflict and prejudices.

Holocaust Memorial Day

The day of the liberation of Auschwitz - 27 January 1945 - has been declared an international day of remembrance by Kofi Annan, then the Secretary-General of the United Nations: Holocaust Memorial Day. On this day, we pay tribute to the victims of the Holocaust and other genocides (Cambodia, Rwanda, Srebrenica and Darfur). Each January, Academic Forum honors this memorial day as well.

Rwandan genocide

Academic Forum, in association with Mukomeze, annually organizes an event to commemorate the genocide in Rwanda. In 1994, this genocide claimed the lives of as many as 800,000 Tutsis and Hutus within a period of 100 days. In addition, it is estimated that around 500,000 women and girls were raped. The road to conciliation was long and difficult, involving many economic, political and psychological challenges. The commemorative event addresses both the genocide and the reconstruction. Candles are lit as a memorial ritual in honor of the victims.