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Many questions, few answers

While on campus science is progressing in the insatiable quest for knowledge, the main existential questions often remain unanswered or are sometimes even considered irrelevant. How do we become happy? Why is there so much suffering, and how can we deal with it? Can we use the terms 'good' and 'evil' objectively? We are 'busy' and ambitious, but why? What can I do for society, and what do I want to do? What has science got to say about how we should live?

Wide-ranging discussion, wide-ranging audience

Through public meetings, the Veritas Forum offers a place for holding wide-ranging discussions on themes relating to such questions. In this way, visitors can obtain a wider picture of knowledge and science. A picture encompassing space for reflecting on the correct application of the knowledge acquired. The Veritas Forum is always organized in association with a number of study and student associations, with faculties and external parties being able to join in as well. The symposia offer a varied program, including speakers of national and international repute, panel and group discussions, interactive sessions, and drama and music.

Earlier editions: about happiness and ambition

The first Tilburg Veritas Forum took place in 2009, the theme being 'LUCKY YOU! Happiness: art of living or material standard?' This event focused on the question what happiness is and how happiness is determined. The speakers - Femke Halsema, Lans Bovenberg, Henk Hak and Ad Vingerhoets - approached the theme from different perspectives. The theme in 2011 was: 'Survival of the Fastest. Busy & ambitious! ... But why?' During this event, consideration was given to being 'busy' in our society. What does it do to us, is there space for boredom, who sets our agenda and what do we do it for? The speakers were Agnes Jongerius, Cees Veerman and Marcel Zeelenberg. Both editions attracted a full house and received contributions from various representatives of student associations.
In 2015 the theme was 'It's not fair'  with Mama Lambert from Rwanda, and Anne-Marie de Brouwer, Theo de Wit, Riël Vermunt, and Rianne Letschert (moderator).

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