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Renovation Outdoor Location Sports Center

Many changes are going to be made to the Sport Center's outdoor accommodation. More information about everything that will take place can be found on this page. Please note, the timetable may change and the dates are only a guideline!


Phase 1: Laying of synthetic grass soccer pitch

Together with the Theresialyceum, a new synthetic grass soccer pitch will be laid by our new construction partner, Ceelen Sport Constructies.

The soccer field will be located in the Theresialyceum's sports grounds at Sportweg 15. A red asphalt athletics track will be laid around the soccer field and there will be an extra area of synthetic grass with a landing sand pit at the side of the field for sports and games. Completion of this project component is planned for April 28, 2017. The field will be used by the Theresialyceum until 4pm each day, and then mainly by our student soccer club TSVV Merlijn in the evenings and weekends for training and matches.

We will be using a GreenFields mat (type Slide MAX XQ 40) for the synthetic grass soccer pitch and therefore not SBR rubber, which has been source of much controversy recently.


Phase 2: Relocation of beach fields

The current beach fields will be moved. This is because our new sports canteen is to be built on this area. The beach fields will be moved to the undeveloped ground next to Avans University of Applied Sciences. A two-meter wire gauze fence will be erected around these beach fields and two dugouts will be created. There will also be an extra paved area where large stands, for example, can be placed during large tournaments. Unfortunately, there is no room for changing rooms at these fields. Users can visit the changing rooms on the other side of Sportweg or in our Sports Center. The beach fields are expected to be finished on May 1, 2017. The lighting will be installed a few weeks later.


Phase 3: Relocation of combo-field

The combo-field will be moved to create room for construction traffic accessing the sports canteen. This will be started around May 1 and finished on May 12, and means it will not be possible to use any part of the field for a week. After May 12, it will only be possible to use half the combo-field (on the side of the Sports Center).


Phase 4: Construction of sports canteen

The construction of the new sports canteen will start mid-May. This will be home to the sports clubs TSHV Shot, TSTV Lacoste and TSVV Merlijn, but also SKV Melmac (summer season), TSHV Camelot (beach) and TSVV Gepidae (beach). There is a boardroom in the building and storage rooms will be provided for Lacoste and Shot. Completion is planned for September 1, 2017 for the time being. Sports equipment will be provided in the space around the new canteen and a beautiful terrace area will be built between the current changing room and the sports canteen.

Phase 5: Renewal of combo-field

Once the construction of the sports canteen is complete, we will start relaying the combo-field. This field is used mainly for hockey, lacrosse and korfball. The field will then be moved a few meters towards the Sports Center. The new synthetic grass field is planned to be laid on September 1, 2017. It will be ready for use around the fall vacation.