Sports Center

A wide variety of sports, extensive accommodation, close to the campus, wide opening hours, and a lot of fun

Renting Sports Accomodations

You can hire any of the Sports Center facilities, including the outdoor pitches and sports equipment. We have everything you will need to organize your tournament, event or other sporting activity.

For further information and to make reservations, please send an e-mail to:

Because we have such an extensive program of sports and other events, the opportunities to hire facilities during the evenings and at weekends are limited.

You should therefore contact us well in advance.

Also check the Sports Center plan for additional information.
Rental Costs
Hall 1 € 50,00 an hour
Hall 2 € 50,00 an hour
Hall 2 1/2 € 25,00 an hour
Climbing wall € 10,00 an hour
Boulder wall € 5,00 an hour
Hall 3 € 30,00 an hour
Use spinning cycles € 10,00 an hour
Use trampolines € 10,00 an hour
Virtual class € 5,00 an hour
Hall for Dance € 25,00 an hour
Inclusive poles poledancing € 30,00 an hour
Dojo € 30,00 an hour
Squash court € 14,00 an hour
Fitness € 60,00 an hour
Fitness (little) € 40,00 an hour
Beach court (all) € 40,00 an hour
Beach court (volleybal/tennis) € 12,50 an hour
Beach court (handball/soccer/rugby € 15,00 an hour
Tennis court € 14,00 an hour
Combi field € 30,00 an hour
Lights € 5,00 an hour
Semi water field € 35,00 an hour
Irrigation € 5,00 an hour
Lights € 5,00 an hour
Soccer field outside € 35,00 an hour
Lights € 5,00 an hour
Athletics track € 10,00 an hour
Lights € 5,00 an hour
Multi sport fields € 20,00 an hour
Conference room (big) € 50,00 an hour
Conference room (little) € 25,00 an hour
Ballet Hall (Esplanade Building) € 30,00 an hour

Rental Agreement

A number of documents are important if a rental agreement is entered into. The tenant is expected to agree to the Sports Center's tenancy agreement terms.

Please complete the rental evaluation form on completion of the rental, so that the services can be optimized.