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ClubPower helps to strengthen your muscles while working off a lot of energy! It is the ideal combination for those who wish to get (or stay) in shape. ClubPower does not involve any complicated dance steps and is suitable for both men and women.

Music provides the necessary motivation to help you to complete each set of exercises. Each exercise is repeated several times until you really begin to feel the effects. In some cases, the repetitions are quick, while sometimes they are so slow you can actually feel your muscles trembling. A ClubPower session helps to tone and strengthen muscles while burning off a lot of calories. This combination will soon get you in shape and develop tone, but you will not develop huge and unsightly muscles!


Each training session works out all the muscle groups, from head to toe. You perform various simple exercises to music while holding a light dumb-bell. The standard weight is one kilogram, which can be increased to two if you want a more challenging workout.

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Course No
Training Yes
Competition No
Register Yes
Association No
Location Sports Center
Required Sports clothing, clean sports shoes (trainers)
Further information
013 - 466 3010

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