Sports Center

A wide variety of sports, extensive accommodation, close to the campus, wide opening hours, and a lot of fun


Basketball is one of the few sports that was invented entirely from scratch. It was devised in 1891 by James Naismith, a sports teacher working with the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) in Springfield, Massachusetts. His aim was to create an intensive sport which could be practised indoors during the winter months. Basketball quickly caught on and spread rapidly throughout the United States. It has been played in the Netherlands since the 1930s.


The Sports Center offers the chance to play basketball at various levels. There are four men's teams and three ladies' teams which regularly compete in tournaments. There is also one team who play just for the fun of it. In short, something for everyone!


The student basketball association is TSBV Pendragon , which takes the sport very seriously but also knows how to throw a good party. There is a good combination of performance and conviviality. Feel free to come along to one of the training sessions to find out more.

Basketbal foto
Course No
Training Yes
Competition Yes
Association Pendragon
Location Sports Center
Required Sports clothing, clean sports shoes (trainers)
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