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Field hockey

The Sports Center offers plenty of opportunities to learn and play hockey. There are special courses for beginners of both sexes.

The training sessions devote attention to the physical and technical aspects of the game, but we do not take ourselves too seriously. We hope that all students will not only learn from the sessions, but will also enjoy the many hours we spend on the Sports Center's semi- water,- and combi field.


Training is always matched to the level of the group. Beginners learn the basic rules and techniques, while the more advanced players devote more attention to the tactical elements. The intensity of the training also increases according to level.

Course No
Training Yes
Competition Yes
Association SHOT
Location Sports Center
NB If you’re coming to play hockey for the first time, please contact the association committee beforehand at . They will be able to tell you which team is best suited to your level and when it trains.
Required Shoes suitable for use on artificial grass, a hockey stick and shin pads. (A gum shield is recommended)
Further information
013 - 466 3010

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