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Korfball is a sport which originated in the Netherlands but is now gaining ground in many other countries. The training sessions and the match teams are both mixed, i.e. include both men and women. Between November and March, we train indoors (in the Sports Center), while in September, October, April, May and June we train outdoors on the multi-purpose all-weather pitch. There are various training options and levels. In addition to the beginner's group, there is a midweek team and a weekend team. You can join both if you wish.

Training involves working on general fitness and developing technique and tactics. Sometimes we work with the ball, sometimes without it. Korfballers who play for other teams at weekends and those who are not involved in competitive korfball at all are welcome to attend the training sessions, provided of course that they hold a valid sports membership. The coach will tell you how often you are expected to attend training in the interests of effective planning.

Training sessions concentrate on the physical and technical aspects. We take the sport seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. We hope that students will therefore not only learn from the experience, but will enjoy the many hours we spend together in and around the Sports Center.

Course No
Training Yes
Competition Yes
Association SKV Melmac
Location Sports Center
NB If you’re coming to play korfball for the first time, please contact the association committee beforehand at . They will be able to tell you which team is best suited to your level and when it trains.
Required Indoor shoes for training indoors, and footwear approved for use on artificial turf when we are training outdoors. Ideally, you will also have shorts (or a short skirt for ladies) and a shirt. In cold weather, a sweater or fleece is recommended.
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