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Boxing and boxing fitness

Boxing fitness is a keep-fit activity which relies on the same (warm-up) techniques as regular boxing. The objective is, however, different. The aim is not to knock your opponent senseless but to develop good coordination and general condition. There is therefore less focus on attack skills and more on defence and fitness.


Each training session begins with a warm-up with the skipping rope (3 x 3 minutes) interspersed with shadow-boxing. Then everyone dons boxing gloves to practise various movements, three minutes on and one minute off. The cooling-down involves various stomach and chest muscle exercises, stretching and relaxation.


There is no strict division into groups. Both men and women are welcome, and registration is not required. During the sessions, those with slightly more experience are encouraged to work individually so that the instructor can devote more time to the less experienced participants.

Boksen fitness foto
Course No
Training Yes
Competition No
Register Yes
Association No
Location Sports Center
Required Sports clothing, clean sports shoes (trainers). Boxing gloves are available.
Further information
013 - 466 3010

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