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Mental Health Coaching


Mental sport guidance is a coaching agency housed in the Tilburg University Sports Center. The purpose of the coaching agency is the support and improvement of the mental health and skills of athlete’s co-workers. Below are several themes in which we can be involved:

Concrete example

  • You want to maintain a healthier and more effective lifestyle
  • Lose weight, healthier eating patron, more movement, a steady routine
  • You want to improve athletic performances
  • Coping with stress, improving mentality, improving your focus, increasing your self-confidence
  • You want to equip yourself with sport psychological knowledge
  • Information about techniques and skills such as self-talk and goal setting

For who is it?

Everybody who has a question about movement and health or the improvement of performance is somebody we can assist. You are free to use the coaching agency when you are a recreative athlete, a top athlete, a trainer/coach, or an employee of Tilburg University, Fontys and Avans Hogescholen that is in the possession of an sport membership card. 

What can you expect?

You will be guided by an applied psychologist who is specialised in sport and performance coaching. There are also graduating and graduated applied psychologists gaining practical experience in the agency under guidance of the aforementioned specialist. The sessions will consist of efficient and practical conversations where the aim is to offer easy tools to use straight away in the first session. The sessions are 45 minutes with the opportunity to plan a follow-up session.


The following dates are when in 2017 we will be available for guidance in the Tilburg University Sports Center: June the 21st, July the 12th, August the 23rd, September the 13th, October the 4th, October the 25th, November the 15th, December the 6th.


You sign up online or send an email. We will make personal contact with you for a meeting. You can also take a look at our Facebook page where you can stay up to date on the latest developments on the area of mental coaching.